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How cloud printing benefits hybrid workers

Kyocera’s cloud printing solution benefits hybrid workers by increasing efficiency and security.
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Companies looking to increase flexibility and document security are exploring how cloud printing benefits hybrid workers. Cloud printing is a solution that
allows workers to access printing devices via the cloud to initiate remote print jobs. This modern solution improves document workflow efficiency for remote workers, facilitating enhanced productivity in the new era of hybrid work.

A significant and growing number of people are working either entirely remotely or following hybrid arrangements across Europe (around 40% in the UK according to Forbes Advisor) and this figure is only expected to rise as more and more European companies are discovering document management solutions that facilitate efficient remote workflows.

Increase flexibility with cloud printing

One of the main benefits of cloud printing for hybrid workers is the increased flexibility this method offers. When you implement cloud printing technology into your workflows, you can initiate print jobs from your laptop, smart phone, or tablet to a designated printer regardless of your geographic location. Cloud printing solutions tend to be compatible with multiple devices and integrate with cloud storage platforms for optimal efficiency and flexibility. 

Remote and hybrid workers enjoy the freedom to travel, work abroad, or print on the go when they employ cloud printing software. Moreover, gaining remote access to print environments means colleagues do not have to send documents to people in the office by email and ask them to print and file information on their behalf, which is a tedious task that also poses security concerns.

Improve document security across hybrid workflows

Cloud printing software like Kyocera Cloud Print and Scan offers secure print release for optimal data protection. This means that only an authorised person will be able to access the document in the printing queue, preventing just anyone from getting their hands on confidential information. Especially when several teams share one printer, this solution comes in handy, as there could be dozens of people using the device who do not have clearance to access your printed data.

Moreover, with Kyocera Cloud Print and Scan, you can also instantly capture data on your phone and send it to be printed, rather than having to manually walk over to an MFP to scan documents the long way. This is a significant time saver, especially if you are in a remote working space where there are queues to use devices. It also means that your scanned data is securely stored on your device and in the cloud print environment, rather than saved on a public MFP that could fall victim to data breaches.

Any data that you send to your office Kyocera MFP will be protected by the advanced security features our devices employ, such as data encryption and wiping printed data once it is no longer needed.

Cost-savings when you print remotely

The benefit of secure cloud printing does not end with data protection, it also prevents companies from having to deal with the costly fallout of cyberattacks. Data breaches are potentially devastating for businesses, as hackers can access their finances, hold their intellectual property ransom, and diminish the public’s trust, causing sales to fall.

As of February 2023, according to Statista, the average cost of cyberattacks in Europe and the United States on companies with over 1000 employees was more than 53 thousands U.S dollars. For many small and medium-sized businesses, this is not a hit that they could come back from. Therefore, cloud printing has the potential to save companies their very

Moreover, when you can send remote print jobs to the office from any location, you do not need to invest in your own home office printer or pay for a document to be delivered in person. Not only does this solution offer significant money savings potential for remote workers, but it also saves time; and time is money!

Remote workers can take their time back and avoid spending money on substantial home office equipment when they opt for cloud printing. Additionally, with cloud printing, you avoid the increased energy costs of running an MFP, any maintenance or replacement fees for broken down devices, and the cost of consumables and paper. Cloud printing is a win-win-win for efficiency, ecology, and economy, so we at Kyocera suggest you implement it in your secure hybrid work environment today.

Kyocera Cloud Print and Scan benefits hybrid workers

Cloud printing is the efficient solution that allows for more productive remote and hybrid working. When you can print and scan from anywhere, your workflows do not depend on access to an MFP or physical proximity to the office. This makes cloud printing incredibly flexible, while also maintaining important security features. Secure print release prevents your remotely printed documents from ending up in the wrong hands, while mobile scanning ensures all captured data is stored securely within your cloud print environment.

Kyocera Cloud Print and Scan is a comprehensive remote printing and scanning solution that allows remote workers to collaborate more easily with in-office workers and maintain document workflow efficiency from any location. The cloud is the future of secure, efficient document management as more and more workers turn to hybrid work arrangements. Discover how cloud-based technologies can revolutionise your company’s operations by heading to Kyocera’s website. We innovate smart content services to meet the evolving needs of our customers in a new age of remote and hybrid working.  

“The cloud is the future of secure, efficient document management.


The benefits of cloud printing for hybrid workers

With Kyocera, cloud printing solutions can help hybrid workers work with greater efficiency and security.

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