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Smarter Workspaces

A new era of work. A new workplace to match. 
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As hybrid workforces continue to emerge and grow, organisations are establishing smarter ways of working that enable employees to be productive at any time and any place. By using the right expertise and technology, these hybrid workspaces provide organisations with the resilience and scalability they need to thrive in a rapidly changing world.


Start your transformation to a smarter & hybrid workspace

With many organisations now including a combination of on-site and remote workers, hybrid workspace solutions have evolved to cater to a workforce that can work at any time and any place. The benefits for businesses that implement long-term hybrid workspace strategies include:

  • Empowering your workforce to be more agile and responsive to business change
  • Increased resilience to global economic events and a rapidly changing business environment
  • Ability to scale operations up or down quickly and easily
  • Better work-life balance and job satisfaction for employees

An effective hybrid workspace strategy must identify the technology needed to foster long-term productivity, connectivity and security in the work environment. Without this, the risks of a decentralised workforce are high, including cybersecurity breaches, poor business agility in a changing world and low employee satisfaction.


Implementing an effective hybrid workspace strategy

An effective hybrid workspace strategy includes three stages: Equip your team, connect your people and optimise your processes.

Firstly, you need to equip your team with the hardware and infrastructure they need to work from any location. This includes items such as laptops and printers, as well as other tools that allow your employees to be mobile and agile.

The next stage is to connect your people with the right software to enable effective collaboration. Document management and communication tools are critical to this stage.

Finally, you must optimise your processes to use your new technology and services to their full potential. Optimisation enables your workforce to operate smoothly and efficiently by training staff, streamlining processes and automating tasks.

Throughout each of these phases, ICT service providers can offer support and expertise in establishing an effective environment that includes the right tools to ensure a secure and productive hybrid workspace.

Smarter Workspaces Guide

Download the E-book - Driving business transformation and resilience with hybrid work environments.
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Future challenges of the workplace

Get ahead of the competition and turn your business challenges into opportunities.

Equip your team

Equipping your team with the right devices and enabling them to work from anywhere is critical when establishing a hybrid workspace.

  • Prepare your IT infrastructure

    Find out why your business needs to audit its current technology.

  • How to choose the right MFP

    Make sure your company is investing in the right multifunction printer.

  • Is your home office printer secure?

    Are you putting your company at risk with an unsecured home office.

Connect your people

Connecting a hybrid workforce will ensure your employees remain productive and can collaborate from different locations.

  • Get your staff on board to go digital

    High engagement will increase your odds of success.

  • Communicate effectively while working from home

    The immediate need for increased enterprise mobility is increasing.

  • Stay productive!

    Work home flexibility can raise levels of productivity.

Optimise your processes

Optimising your hybrid workspace will ensure that you don’t miss an opportunity to improve efficiency and build resilience.

  • Introduction to document management system

    Facilitate content management within your organisation.

  • The best ECM solutions for your business

    What should you consider when choosing an ECM solution?

  • 4 tools to successfully manage a project remotely

    Find out which tools will help you manage a project while working from home.

Where should you start?

The prospect of transforming your organisation to be digitally-savvy can be daunting. Start with the right insights and the right partner.

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