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Here's how to turn mobility into a business strength

Businesses that welcome new technology are realizing greater security and mobility go hand in hand.
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The benefits of going mobile extends way beyond greater flexibility. It’s time to add anew dimension to your business.

In the new age of work, greater freedom with regards to the when and where of work, has assumed a brand-new importance. While there are undoubted benefits, work models underpinned by increased mobility indicate there are drawbacks lying in wait for those who have not implemented an adequate infrastructure. Professionals who lurch towards new ways of working without the right tools and support networks are liable to suffer both professionally and mentally.

When we work, we split our time between the office, personal workspaces, and wherever we can find a secure Wi-Fi connection. Thus, modern working life is incredibly more mobile. This mobility creates a greater demand for technology to be flexible and match the pace of our modern-day life.

To combat this challenge, we require agile solutions. Businesses must have:

  • Appropriate, scalable software
  • Versatile devices
During periods of uncertainty, it can be easy to follow the crowd and react rather than proactively seeking solutions. However, bullish leaders are already putting these musthaves in place: to retain and attract the best talent in this mobile job market. Business leaders have realised that, to attract and retain the best talent, the right tools must be in place for them to work unimpededly.

Success in a mobile world

While some still regard the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) as a battle between humans and technology, others have realised the benefits to be had by allowing these two entities to work together. In the professional world, software has been designed to complement, rather than compete against, existing devices to help professionals succeed.
A natural result of pivoting to remote and hybrid working is a dependence on Cloudbased technology. These platforms allow employees to access data and files and to collaborate with colleagues in other towns and cities- even countries. Without this teamwork, workforces become isolated and disjointed, and productivity suffers.
The idea of the workplace continues to evolve, and the demand for technologies which work alongside and adapt to the changing needs of an organisation looks set to soar. The flexibility provided by these tools, allowing professionals to begin a task at one location before finishing in another, is priceless – even more so during these uncertaintimes.
Nonetheless, such freedom and flexibility are essentially futile unless supported by robust security infrastructure. Shared networks being accessed by a multitude of personal devices across several remote workplaces open the door to data wave ofthe new cybersecurity threats. You would not leave your house unlocked with the door wide open when you leave, then why do the same with online data? The financial and reputational cost of data breaches can be tremendous.
Albert Einstein once said: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Perhaps one could draw parallels with the digital age: business leaders who assume that using the same technologies as always in the faceof more complex challenges could be in for a very nasty surprise indeed. Investments in new technologies need to be viewed as something other than a business expense: they are a proven way to ensure sustainable success. Standing still has never been aneffective way of staying ahead.
Therefore, it is essential to equip teams with the latest tools; mobile devices and, most importantly, a reliable multi-function device (MFD) improve productivity. A scanner, copier, fax, printer, even a Wi-Fi hub, new MFPs take up little desktop space but are a must in working from home success.

It is essential to equip teams with the latest tools

How to choose the right tools

In the digital era, like those before, we are only as good as the sum of our parts.

Innovative leaders realise that the appropriate software must complement flexible technology to get the most out of new flexible working models.

For over six decades, Kyocera has brought pioneering solutions to businesses. Our award-winning printers and MFPs provide outstanding quality solutions to professionals.

Our flexible devices and software create a winning combination that aids the future of work, which 67% believe is from home. When planning for the future, leaders must incorporate flexible solutions.

Working from home often means there is little room for bulky printers that use a lot of energy and occupy space. Kyocera ECOSYS printers, our flagship range of A4 devices, are perfect for remote working. The quiet mode function caters for coworking, whileit can undertake the same tasks as a much larger MFP. The ECOSYS is the perfect complement for mobile professionals who seek flexible long-term solutions in theirpersonal or shared workspace.

Kyocera Mobile Print, meanwhile, provides agile software for professionals on the go. You can print from your mobile phone or tablet. Now, if you are on your way home from the office and receive a last-minute task, it can be printed and scanned back in a flash.

Bosses who release excellent software and outstanding hardware technology go handin hand will reap the rewards.

Technology has enabled us to be connected from anywhere, and our devices have essentially become an extension of our bodies. We use laptops, tablets, and smartphones to work on the move while finishing our documents on compact multifunction devices. Thus, it’s vital to use agile technology.

Work smarter not harder!

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