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Hybrid working has given us the essential innovation of A4 printers.

A4 printers continue to show fierce resistance in the face of new technologies.
printer working

A new era of work and communication has ushered in a new wave of digital tools, but A4 printers continue to prove their worth. Here’s why.

The business landscape continues to rapidly evolve. Leaders must adapt to new trends to provide the services customers want and to retain the best talent. This period of profound change has thrown up brand new obstacles for organisations to overcome:


Remote and hybrid working has afforded professionals across the globe a new sense of freedom and flexibility. But when offices are spread across towns, cities, and even countries, collaboration can be an issue without adequate technology. As per the recent Reshaping Productivity report published by The Economist almost 71% of bosses attributed that decreased productivity was due to a lack of collaboration between teams.

Increased mobility

Mobility and productivity now go hand in hand. Employees must be equipped with the tools to work and communicate with the same quality and efficiency whether in the office, operating from home or between locations.

Maintaining productivity

Change affects our performance, particularly when it is unexpected. This period of disruption has highlighted the need for agile workflows and flexible tools which can beused between locations and this ties in neatly with the concept of mobility.

The best solutions for today’s businesses

Despite the avalanche of new trends grabbing the headlines in recent years, one piece of technology has stood the test of time, aiding collaboration and improving productivity. For decades, the A4 printer has been an office staple; now, they sit proudly in new-look workspaces, be that shared hubs or home offices.

Professionals must do their due diligence and investigate their options before purchasing a new device. Modern A4 devices provide flexible and quality solutions that all workers, regardless of the industry can make the most of. Thanks to technology, A4 printers output files securely in outstanding clarity at a low cost. Nevertheless, leaders must elect a tried and trusted partner. Bosses should demand a printing manufacturer without standing industry know-how and recognition. Otherwise, they could be left red-faced should data breaches or a technology breakdown occur.

Since 1992, the ECOSYS, by Kyocera, has supplied professionals with breathtakingly quality documents. Consequently, Kyocera has been awarded the best A4 manufacturer at the Frank Awards, by the Cannata Report, for four consecutive years. Kyocera designed the ECOSYS series with robust parts; thus, professionals can leverage a longlasting quality output.

Our tried and trusted range has earned the position as the brand of choice for professionals today. The variety of ECOSYS devices mean that professionals across all sectors, from healthcare to finance can find their perfect work companion. The ECOSYSP3150dn is ideal for those who require speed. The device can print up to 50 pages aminute meaning its speed is one of the fastest in the A4 market. Alternatively, users whopurchase the ECOSYS M2135dn can make the most of the intuitive tablet-like display. Thefamiliar design results in professionals, wherever they are based, being quickly able toset up and install their devices to hit the ground running.

Modern A4 devices provide flexible and quality solutions

Once ready to use, users can monitory the printer, keeping upkeep to a minimum and maximising productivity and performance in the process.

The intuitive display is just one of the many features that the ECOSYS range offers. The modern A4 printer is vastly different from its early predecessors. The multi-function devices can undertake more tasks than ever before. Professionals can easily sharefiles and collaborate with colleagues; whether they need to print, scan, copy, fax oreven use their device as a Wi-Fi hub, the ECOSYS M2735dw can undertake numerous assignments.

Printers that enhance employee productivity without getting in the way of their mobility will only help profits and boost productivity. Reliable printers that do not break down are worth their weight in gold because they keep downtime to a minimum, and as such, eliminate frustrations. On top of increased dependability, new technology has improved print quality, making outstanding output previously only afforded to print houses available to all low entry level workers. Users can print in radiant colour and, or precision black and white. Thus, professionals in education can engage their pupils with vibrant and colourful handouts, and bankers who are required to present graphs and data toclients can reap the rewards from A4 printing devices in different ways.

The importance of having a quality A4 device cannot be understated; because, ultimately, you cannot put a price on team collaboration and productivity. If leaders build their company around a reliable A4 printer, they can plan the future of their business in confidence; safe in the knowledge they have a device ready to help them boost productivity and continue producing quality content for many years.

Work smarter not harder!

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