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How to get your on-site and remote staff working as one.

The evidence is clear. Without adequate technology, it's impossible to collaborate.

Hybrid working has presented a world of opportunities for happier, more productive staff – once they have the adequate technology.  

The how, when, and where we work is changing drastically. A survey from British consultancy firm Advanced Workplace Associates found the average attendance in brick-and-mortar offices to be just 29%, equating to a mere 1.25 days per week, almost three times lower than pre-pandemic levels.

Despite this tremendous disruption and work evolution,  some businesses have stood still. Some leaders assumed that the only thing employees needed to work from home was a laptop. They are finding out the hard way that this is not quite the case. 

The Economist highlights the correlation between adequate technology and performance. Its Reshaping Productivity report interviewed 360 business leaders from a variety of sectors, including banking and technology. These executives concluded that one of the key reasons their team ultimately failed to succeed in hybrid working environments was a lack of tools. 

Therefore, change has bought a unique opportunity – a chance to provide workgroups with innovative, long-term solutions that help employees work in their preferred location with ease. Modern-day professionals should be able to start a task at home and pick up where they left off in the office – to do this, investment is needed. 

But what qualities should new software have?

While each sector and business are different, there are some common attributes that new technology must have. 

Intuitive solutions: Hybrid working has a multitude of benefits. Yet, training employees to understand how to leverage new tools over video chats can be difficult. Thus, it's essential that tools are easy-to-use. If leaders invest in solutions that teams cannot get to grips with quickly, their performance and morale will suffer. As such, the investment will turn into an expensive mistake. 

Secure: The increase in remote work locations, networks, and devices has seen the volume of cybersecurity threats soar. Users are putting confidential customer data at risk by connecting to unsecure networks. This creates security blind spots for hackers to take advantage of and the risk of data breaches increase exponentially. IBM reported that data breaches in 2022 are now averaging over €4.3m, a 2.6% increase compared to 2021. However, companies must also factor in the often irreparable reputational damage they suffer when these breaches occur. Therefore, security must be at the heart of all hybrid and remote working strategies.

Flexible: Hybrid working depends on flexibility, the ability to be able to work to the same productivity levels and quality standards whether in the office or remote workspaces. Therefore, technology should match mobility, allowing professionals to complete tasks on the move. Versatile tools that enable employees to do so are fundamental. 

Enterprise content is here to help

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platforms are holistic approach to managing structured and unstructured data in a secure, centralised platform in a standardised manner, boosting performance, cutting costs, and providing a secure foundation for workers to flourish. 

Kyocera Cloud Information Manager (KCIM) is one such example of an ECM platform that tackles business pains while laying the foundations to create new business gains. The platform provides total document control. Users can quickly get to grips with their pending tasks thanks to a Google-style search bar that makes vast amounts of documents accessible in an instant. To ensure optimal security, files can be protected via a password or other encryption methods. KCIM also goes a step further when it comes to productivity. Users can store their documents in organised folders that can be customised in a way that's convenient for the whole team to find – it's fluid working made simple.

ECM platforms are integral to hybrid working success. Their versatility, cost-effectiveness, security, and productivity mean teams can hit the ground running from day one. This one-solution-fits-all can be tailor-made to suit individual working styles, so every user can harness its power in a unique way. For those looking to flourish wherever they work, ECM is the perfect option.

Performing wherever you work is simple with ECM

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