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Document Management Solutions for Logistics

Evolving logistics processes with document and workflow management systems
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The field of logistics is one that is prime for optimisation and allows companies to explore new methods of boosting productivity, efficiency, and cutting costs wisely. One of the best methods to achieve that is through business automation, which gives companies the scope to immediately speed up processes that currently take staff hours of work to complete, whether inputting data from delivery notes or picking products from each and every corner of the warehouse.

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How to improve the way you manage your logistics and transportation processes with document and workflow management solutions

Stacks of paperwork, documentation, and information retained within businesses is no longer the norm as technologies offer innovative alternatives. Companies are now able to find new techniques to lead their logistics management in the modern age and get the very best out of the facilities, staff, and resources.

Any company looking to offer products or services knows that the experience provided to customers is one of the most essential elements of business success. At the very heart of that service, businesses must provide efficiency and a bespoke product to fit their customer’s requirements.

With document and workflow management solutions for logistics, your team will be able to integrate workflows into existing systems and streamline processes from start to finish. Cost reduction is the most obvious benefit, but it is also worth considering the value of the time saved by staff. By pursuing a digital transformation plan, staff can instead commit themselves to tasks that are more complex or executing more deliveries, rather than performing menial tasks such as inputting data.

Ways to simplify the way you manage logistics

Discover how document and workflow management tools can improve productivity in Logistics to deliver the best customer experience.

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    Stay informed

    By integrating a new or existing logistics management system with ECM, companies can update information received on paper as soon as it is received and captured. This updates the logistics system constantly, ensuring that the information available is always fully up to date.

    Stay informed
    Stay informed

    Keeping all business information fully up to date by using ECM in coordination with logistics management systems.

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    Ensure invoices go out as soon as possible

    Sending invoices for completed deliveries can be a long process which can be prone to delays, particularly if delivery notes go missing. Using the mobility option of ECM systems enables customers to sign a document on a mobile device and this action triggers the creation of an invoice which is immediately sent through the system.

    Ensure invoices go out as soon as possible
    Ensure invoices go out as soon as possible

    Ease the invoice process by utilising virtual signatures and also reduce the risk of delays.

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    Prepare to avoid risks

    ECM can be used in the planning process and supply the dependent logistics systems with compliance information which might determine where there are extra requirements. This can have a big imapct on delivery planning, particularly for fragile objects or regulated items such as chemicals or food products.

    Prepare to avoid risks
    Prepare to avoid risks

    Identify problematic transportation issues early on in the planning process.

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Meet our Information Management System

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