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The ECOSYS concept and sustainable product design

The sustainable product design of Kyocera’s ECOSYS range helps companies meet green goals.
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Kyocera is a company founded on lasting principles for sustainable product design, and the ECOSYS range of A4 printers highlights our commitment to eco-friendly innovation for a brighter, greener tomorrow.

Three decades since its genesis, the ECOSYS concept behind Kyocera’s
sustainable desktop printers is more important than ever. Governments the world over are pushing for a greater focus on green innovation and companies are implementing more sustainable solutions to meet eco goals. The ECOSYS range exemplifies Kyocera’s legacy of sustainability and commitment to an environmentally friendly future.

Green goals: the global context

Across the globe, international organisations and local governments are developing green goals for a more sustainable future. The Paris Agreement is a legally binding international treaty on climate change, adopted by 196 Parties at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP21) in 2015, that states we must keep global temperature increases below 2°C above pre-industrial levels, and if possible 1.5°C.

Meanwhile, the UN has set a carbon neutrality mission to be achieved by 2050. This mission calls for a universal coalition of UN member states to act together to slow global warming and the rising sea levels.

Additionally, the OECD has found that plastic waste around the world is set to almost triple by 2060 and has laid out recommendations to reduce this figure such as implementing taxes on plastic packaging, incentives to reuse and repair plastic items and increase product lifespans. These initiatives will curb demand and improve waste management and recyclability of plastics.

The ECOSYS concept helps companies meet green goals

The Kyocera Corporation, born Kyoto Ceramics in 1959, has always been founded on a principle of sustainability. With eco-friendly ceramic innovations in solar, telecommunications, kitchen utensils, and power tools, Kyocera’s identity is inextricably linked with durable, eco-friendly products. 

Then, in 1992, the ECOSYS concept was born. The idea behind ECOSYS is economic, ecological, and sustainable innovation. What this means in practice is that Kyocera’s print solutions consume less energy than others in the market and they are built to last with long-life parts. Durable machines enjoy a reduced risk of breakdown and a longer lifespan. When devices keep up consistent quality over time, demand is reduced for new plastic parts and machines to be built. This benefits the planet and the customers who get better value for money. 

Although it is primarily used now as a synonym for “eco-friendly”, sustainability literally means the ability to last, especially for the long term. Kyocera’s laser printers have sustainable product design both in terms of being durable and ecological. Kyocera devices use a highly durable amorphous silicon drum that can last more than ten times as long as its plastic counterparts in the market, and only their toner needs to be replaced when it runs out, rather than a new plastic cartridge each time. 

Businesses that implement ECOSYS devices into their workflows benefit from increased uptime, lower energy consumption, reduced instances of breakdowns, and great quality prints. Meanwhile, they are lowering demand for new plastic parts to be manufactured, generating less plastic waste, and reducing their carbon footprint by using less energy and making fewer maintenance calls that put technicians on the roads.

We innovate to meet the evolving needs of our customers and to work toward a greener future. Kyocera founder, Dr. Kazuo Inamori, developed a philosophy of love and respect that underpinned his business decisions and continues to shape Kyocera’s identity: “Respect the divine and love people”. This sentiment is at the heart of the ECOSYS concept, and all the hardware and software solutions offered by Kyocera Document Solutions.

Kyocera’s sustainable print solutions

Kyocera is a partner that organisations can trust to help them up their sustainability performance. As printing volumes generally fall, Kyocera helps customers work out the optimal number of sustainable floor and desktop printers they need to maximise savings and minimise waste over a long life cycle.

Kyocera software is part of the durability behind the ECOSYS concept. Our devices all work on one generic driver, which stays compatible with old models even as it provides updates. This means old models do not become obsolete, encouraging customers to keep their devices for longer, reducing instances of technological waste.

Moreover, our TASKalfa range of office multifunctional devices incorporate elements of the ECOSYS sustainable product design. They too offer toner-only replacement and are built to last the test of time, while also offering exceptional print speeds and advanced security features. The range of Kyocera sustainable solutions meets diverse customer needs.

The ECOSYS concept and sustainable product design

Local governments and multinational organisations are setting stricter goals and more ambitious deadlines for reducing carbon emissions, plastic pollution, and paper usage. In this context, Kyocera’s ECOSYS concept is more important than ever. The ECOSYS line reduces plastic waste, energy consumption, and demand for new plastic devices and parts to be made. This benefits the planet and the customer, who gets a great return on investment.

To demonstrate its commitment to sustainability, Kyocera has sponsored a report by Economist Impact called A Green Edge: Green Skills for the future. This report analysed the green skills environments in six global cities, based on a survey of 300 executives. It found that 95.7% of executives in top businesses expect green skills to become the most important set of skills within five years. Download the new Economist
Impact report
to learn how companies in major cities around the world are cultivating green skills to promote a more sustainable future.

"The ECOSYS range exemplifies Kyocera’s legacy of sustainability

Developing a greener future for everyone

  • Kyocera’s inkjet solution facilitates eco-friendly textile printing.

    The fashion industry has a high carbon footprint, but Kyocera has the solution.

  • Sustainable solutions for information management.

    Information management not only improves efficiency and security, but it also saves paper and energy.

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