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Sustainable solutions for information management

Kyocera’s sustainable information management solutions include smart information capture and ECM.

As international pressure mounts to reduce paper use and plastic waste, Kyocera’s sustainable solutions for information management provide a responsible choice for businesses. With smart information management technology, such as enterprise content management, not only do businesses reduce their environmental impact, but they also take charge of their disorganised data, streamline workflows, and reduce energy consumption.

The future of business lies in the digital realm, so companies are encouraged to make the transition from paper to digital to maintain a competitive edge, increase data security and, of course, be more sustainable. By training and supporting staff throughout this transition, companies can ensure that workflows are optimised.

Kyocera enterprise content management (ECM)

Kyocera’s enterprise content management solution, Kyocera Enterprise Information Manager (KEIM), is the perfect example of a digitisation solution that streamlines business processes, reduces paper waste, and enhances security. An ECM system expertly manages the entire life cycle of a document, from when it is captured, stored, and organised, to when data is analysed for actionable insights to make informed business decisions.

Companies that still rely on large filing cabinets of paper documents or email chains of workflows should implement an ECM platform to reduce risks of lost or misplaced files, unauthorised access to data, and the possibility that colleagues are working on old versions of files. ECM systems facilitate collaboration on the most up-to-date version of documents, allow access to files based on permissions, and track and monitor who has edited a file, and when.

Going digital is the logical next step for growing businesses in the modern business world. By implementing sustainable information management systems into workflows, companies increase efficiency, reduce risks of human error, and significantly cut down on unnecessary use of paper.

Additionally, Kyocera’s sustainable solutions offer significant cost savings. When fewer documents are scanned, printed, faxed, and filed in cabinets, not only does your business save money on energy consumption, but you also free up a lot of storage space that can either be used for more pressing business needs or else let go to lower rental costs.

Enhancing your data security with an ECM system will also safeguard your files from cyberattacks. This is a significant factor as data breaches can be destructive to companies. When customer, employee, or financial data is leaked, companies lose the trust of the public, and often lose huge sums of money, either as a direct result of the hacking, or the loss of public trust and damage to their reputation. ECM is the smart choice for the sustainability of your business as well as for the environment.

Facilitate employee work with smart information management tools

One of the major challenges faced by businesses that are digitising is often the resistance to change demonstrated by employees. People fundamentally are creatures of habit, so adjusting to whole new processes and systems for document storage can be daunting, which is why companies need to support staff as they undergo their digital transformation.

The workforce should be trained on new information management software, provided with instructions for use and best practices documentation to help them adjust. Firms should have a comprehensive digital transformation strategy defined, and the more transparent their
communication is of this plan to their workforce, the better. To this end,
Kyocera supports companies in developing a digitisation plan and implementing it without disrupting workflows.

Whether your company implements a full ECM system or opts for a more basic web-based information management system, the process of getting staff on board begins with open and honest communication of the benefits of the system. Employees are more likely to open their minds to digitisation when they learn the advantages of streamlined processes, enhanced security and reduced paper. Your workforce and your clientele both are more likely to trust your brand if you highlight your commitment to making sustainable business decisions.

Kyocera’s sustainable solutions for information management

Kyocera offers a range of content services for businesses to advance their digital transformation. From cloud-based platforms and web-based solutions to full-scale ECM for businesses concerned with maximum data protection and workflow optimisation. These information management systems have the additional advantages of energy efficiency and reducing paper waste. Kyocera’s sustainable solutions are inspired by our company’s heritage of eco-friendly commitment and customer-centric innovation.

To prove this commitment, Kyocera has partnered with Economist Impact to produce a report on green skills for a more sustainable future across six cities. Download the new Economist Impact report to discover how executives around the world view sustainable business processes and the adoption of more eco-friendly practices.

"Kyocera’s sustainable solutions offer significant cost savings.

Developing a greener future for everyone

  • The ECOSYS concept and sustainable product design.

    Businesses reduce waste and energy consumption with ECOSYS devices.

  • Kyocera’s inkjet solution facilitates eco-friendly textile printing.

    The fashion industry has a high carbon footprint, but Kyocera has the solution.

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