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How the Kyocera philosophy defines us

The Kyocera Philosophy influences how we work and interact with the world around us
Kyocera Philosophy

At Kyocera, our past guides our present and inspires our future.

Our origins date back to Kyoto, Japan 1959 when 28 professionals formed part of a company specialising in fine ceramics. Driven by strong morals and admirable attitudes, these pioneers showed the importance of ambition and humility – they were determined to reach for greatness while respecting the world around them, values that would become fundamental pillars of the Kyocera Philosophy.

Devised by Dr. Kazuo Inamori, the Kyocera Philosophy is a compass for life reflecting the real-life experiences and learnings of Kyocera’s founder. In essence, the philosophy is the meeting point between the pursuit of fair management and the commitment to being ethical across every facet of the organisation.

Doing the right thing as a human being

At the very heart of the Kyocera Philosophy is one key principle: doing what is right as a human being. This principle explores the right way to live in both our daily lives and work by following fundamental ethical and moral values. By staying true to these values as professionals, we can avoid the temptation to make self-centred decisions. “If our motive is virtuous and unselfish, the outcome is obvious,” said Dr. Inamori. “We are certain to succeed.”

The Kyocera founder advocated living life with a pure and unselfish heart – this is a mindset that endures to this day, inspiring the Kyocera team to go that extra yard for our customers, prioritising their needs above our self-interests. This integrity and consideration for others allow us to consistently make good decisions that we can stand behind.

“Our past guides our present and inspires our future.”

Teamwork and common goals

The next business challenge is never far away. While its nature may vary, our response does not. The pillars of the Kyocera Philosophy resemble those that guided those 28 professionals in Kyoto all the way back in 1959. Operating from a small suburban workshop with little more than a collective dream, the team believed in each other, united with the ambition of making Kyocera a company that they can be proud to work for. They dared to reimagine.

“Kyocera’s history is a story of doing what no one else had dared to do, and of opening roads where no one had ventured before,” said Dr. Inamori. We are proud to be carrying on this pioneering legacy to this day by pushing boundaries and challenging ourselves to become even better than what we do. It’s how we serve the changing needs of our customers. It’s how we keep exceeding expectations even when faced with the most daunting challenges.

Our philosophy and the environment

The ideas of sustainability and doing the right thing as human beings are closely linked. When it comes to creating a more sustainable world for future generations, actions matter. At Kyocera, we are fully aware of our responsibility to take care of the environments in which we operate – anything less would be unsustainable in every sense of the word. It’s why we have always delivered cutting-edge innovation to our customers, solutions that enable them to work in a smarter, more sustainable way. We want them to do more with less.

With our solutions – be that ECOSYS technology or document solutions software – businesses don’t need to sacrifice quality or productivity when seeking to reduce the energy they consume or the volume of paper they use on a daily basis. With Kyocera, it’s possible to achieve workflows that are both leaner and greener. Fully aware of the importance of the circular economy, we are proud of our history of using long-life parts in our printing devices. It’s sustainability made simple.

And speaking of circles, this brings us back to one fundamental concept: doing the right thing as a human being.

Learning has no finish line

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