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Our philosophy and our people

While the business world may be full of new challenges, we stay true to the Kyocera Philosophy.

Identity and personality are essential parts of who a business is and the space it occupies in the professional world. At Kyocera, our philosophy is one of the most important resources to which we can turn when in need of inspiration.

When a new employee is welcomed to the Kyocera family, they are given a copy of the ‘Kyocera Philosophy Handbook’. This guide provides an in-depth view of the wisdom of our founder, Dr. Kazuo Inamori, detailing how his philosophies can be applied in both the professional and personal spheres to reach one’s full potential.

Building a business with philosophy

Kyocera can trace its roots back to 1959, when Dr. Inamori first founded a ceramics company in Kyoto, Japan with a 28-strong workforce. Through innovation and a pioneering spirit, this small company grew to become the international, multi-faceted enterprise we know it as today.

However, growing a company and learning to manage a large number of people came with its own unique challenges. To lead his team with empathy and inspiration, Dr. Inamori created a set of philosophies to serve as a guiding light for anyone seeking success.

Recognising our responsibility

This philosophy revolves around our founder’s core mission to do the right thing as a human being – it is a belief that guides all actions. When working at Shofu Industries, Dr. Inamori identified different learning points he observed and then incorporated these into his leadership style upon entering a position of management with Kyocera.

By constantly referring back to his humble beginnings in the industry, Dr. Inamori was able to remain down-to-earth and keep sight of Kyocera’s responsibility to create innovative technology while reducing our impact on the environment.

Our people are committed to a greener future in which fewer printing consumables go to waste; a goal towards which we’ve been working since 1992 with the launch of our sustainable ECOSYS range of printing devices. With a pioneering cartridge-free system and reduced energy consumption, these devices allow Kyocera customers to minimise their waste and play their part in contributing to a greener future for all.

“Those who aim high will reap great success”

Dr. Kazuo Inamori

Everyone is a manager

People are at the heart of everything we do. Without a motivated, driven workforce, success loses all meaning and becomes an unattainable dream. That is why one of our key philosophies is “Management by All”, which is epitomised by our creative Amoeba Management System.

This system guides employees and empowers them to work autonomously. By operating in small teams called ‘amoebas’, members work together to reach goals so that everyone is contributing to the team’s management and success.

The amoebas are therefore able to thrive without being overseen, allowing our people to work with autonomy and be their own manager. In addition, this system foments mutual respect and ensures fair management as employees each play a part in managing the team.

Due to its success, this system has been installed at 700 other companies who also sought to inspire their staff and enable them to be more self-sufficient.

Strive for success

There are two key principles of our philosophy that also encourage us to strive for success. The first of these is to aim high. By shooting for the stars, we can remain focused on ambitious goals and make sure we are realising our full potential.

The second of these principles would be to raise our fighting spirit. If we remain resilient in the face of adversity, we can emerge victorious and convert difficulties into learning experiences and moments of strength.

By incorporating these belief systems into our actions, we can face any challenge and find new opportunities to create new value for our customers.

Our philosophies guide us

Accompanied by our core beliefs and philosophies, our people can achieve success as a united front. These philosophies have allowed Kyocera to grow and evolve with the changing times and emerge as an industry-leading document solutions provider. If you’d like to discover how philosophy can be a driver of change and success, you can read more here.

Learning has no finish line

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