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    How Kyocera delivers a personalised customer service

    Personalisation is at the centre of ensuring a positive customer experience.
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    In a fast-paced and competitive market where brands battle for consumer attention, there is only one way to stand out: personalisation. While providing a personalised customer service on a large scale is challenging, it’s the best
    way to attract new customers and nurture customer loyalty by offering an
    unparalleled and memorable customer experience.  

    According to Statista, 62% of consumers stated that a brand would lose their loyalty if it delivered a non-personalised experience. In today’s crowded marketplace, these elevated customer expectations shouldn’t
    surprise us. Ultimately, it all boils down to the psychology of human behaviour. Your customers are people, and all humans are wired the same; we all have a deep desire to feel important. By taking the extra step to provide your customers with a personalised service, you’re signalling: “I care about you, you’re important to me”.

    What is personalised customer service? 

    It’s important to note, however, that no two customers are the same. The essence lies in understanding your customers and considering their distinct needs, behaviours, and preferences to then leverage this insight and tailor your offering to them. Personalisation is key to making your customers feel more valued and therefore, giving you a competitive edge in the market. 

    The capacity to tailor solutions requires innovation and a customer-focused approach, resulting in increased satisfaction, engagement, and retention. It’s how you show that you will go the extra mile to meet their specific needs. 

    Guided by the philosophy of its founder, Dr. Kauzo Inamori, Kyocera embodies the “Customer-First” principle by being “totally committed to our customers' needs, even if it meant rejecting conventional concepts”. At Kyocera, collaboration is not just a buzzword; it’s the key to providing a thoughtful, attentive, and personalised customer experience. 

    Whether it was adapting to the unique requirements of educational book printing or unifying print fleets across multiple geographies for Coca Cola, Kyocera has consistently demonstrated its flexibility in designing solutions that fit the organisations' unique challenges.

    Discover how Kyocera’s personalised touch differentiates it from its competitors: 

    Kyocera’s customised solution for Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company

    Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (CCHBC) is part of the Coca Corporation, a prominent player in the global beverage industry that operates across 29 markets and serves approximately 700 million consumers. As a company that thrives on collaboration and sustainability, CCHBC faced multifaceted challenges that required a customised approach to its printing fleet.

    When Kyocera had been chosen as the preferred vendor, the company delved deep into CCHBC's complex operational web, striving to deliver personalised solutions for existing pains. Leveraging Kyocera's industry expertise, the teams worked closely to design a print fleet unification strategy that struck the perfect balance between consistency and customisation. Recognising that each country had unique requirements, Kyocera’s solution framework empowered individual countries to negotiate bespoke printing solutions within a unified framework. Kyocera also helped to contribute to CCHBC's drive toward achieving net zero by 2040 by implementing ceramic-based devices that minimised toner and
    component usage. 

    But Kyocera’s work didn’t stop there; the team was committed to helping the customer future-proof its business. The teams collaborated to design an optimised printing environment that seamlessly integrated into CCHBC's cloud transition strategy. The partnership extended beyond transactional services – Kyocera took on the responsibility of 'lifting and shifting' print management to the cloud, ensuring a seamless migration without burdening the valued client with additional infrastructure concerns.

    When workplaces shuttered and supply chains faced disruptions, Kyocera
    orchestrated the removal and redeployment of stranded devices without impacting CCHBC financially
    , demonstrating the company's commitment to their customer’s success even in the face of unprecedented circumstances. This is the ultimate definition of delivering a tailored customer service. 

    Empowering educational publishing: Kyocera's tailored solution for DMR Yayincilik A.S.

    In the competitive landscape of educational printing, DMR Yayincilik A.S. faced the dual challenge of rapidly fulfilling sizeable printing orders while minimising costs and maintaining high standards. The need to accommodate the demand of existing customers and attract new ones underscored the importance of a printing solution that could rise
    above limitations previously encountered.

    With Kyocera's entry into the equation, a transformative journey began. Kyocera's team immersed themselves in understanding the intricacies of DMR Yayincilik A.S.'s operations to provide them with the best personalised customer service. They recognised the need for a comprehensive solution that combines speed, durability, and affordability, which led to the installation of the TASKalfa Pro 15000c inkjet production printing solution.

    Kyocera's inkjet technology brought forth a remarkable suite of features, including the ability to print out 150 pages per minute and a staggering monthly print volume capacity of 1,000,000 pages. The integration with an ultra-fast Fiery DFE further bolstered efficiency and accuracy, leading to optimised booklet printing operations. 

    The General Manager of DMR Yayincilik A.S., Metin Demir, highlighted that Kyocera’s “solution-oriented approach, rather than sales-oriented,” was one of the most important factors influencing his choice of Kyocera.

    Equipped to offer an expanded array of services with reduced operational hiccups, the company enjoyed a surge in speed, cost-effectiveness, and competitiveness. By receiving personalised customer service, they gained the capacity to swiftly manage high-volume jobs while responding promptly to customer requests, a feat made possible by the integration of Kyocera's TASKalfa Pro 15000c and the advanced Fiery DFE.

    A one-size-fits-all approach is not enough 

    Whether it's streamlining document management or optimising workflows, Kyocera’s customer success strategy consists in understanding that each business is unique and requires tailored solutions. Just as a perfect blend of ingredients creates an exceptional beverage, Kyocera's personalised solutions blend seamlessly with partners' needs, crafting a recipe for success that is as distinctive as it is effective.

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    Kyocera knows that each business is unique and requires tailored solutions.

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