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We begin by gathering data and understanding your business.
This includes a professional assessment of your entire document environment – from fleet audit to financial, volumetric and energy data.

Using in-depth analyses, as well as interviews and surveys, our assessment phase highlights all areas of wastage and poor productivity across your organisation. The result is a clear report showing exactly where money can be saved and processes optimised.

As part of the assessment, we analyse the following vital areas:

  • Finances: Understanding exactly where the money is being spent
  • Devices and consumables: Their efficiency, suitability and maintenance costs
  • Workflows: Whether productivity can be improved through smarter software
  • Documents: How efficiently and securely they are being printed, stored, managed and distributed
  • Environmental impact: Where you can save energy and reduce your carbon footprint

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Learn how to reduce your costs with MDS by KYOCERA.

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KYOCERA MDS reduces costs, the pressures on IT staff and environmental impact.

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Discover how companies reduced their costs with MDS by KYOCERA.

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