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What does Kyocera believe in?

Our values make us unique – they underpin everything we do as an organisation.
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As a pioneer in industry-leading innovation with decades of experience, we are proud of our heritage and history. Much more than an equipment manufacturer, Kyocera Document Solutions is a strategic business partner, one that enables businesses to turn information into knowledge, excel at learning, and surpass others. Our mission is to make life easier by making workplaces smarter. 

Driven by the philosophies of our founder Dr. Kazuo Inamori, we use our wealth of professional expertise and culture of empathetic partnership to help our customers to aim high and reap great success. During times of disruption and new challenges, we raise our fighting spirit to keep elevating the bar in innovation for our customers. We never give up until we succeed.

A winning formula

Our wealth of expertise, technological excellence, and commitment to continuous improvement underpin everything we do at Kyocera. It’s how we help organisations put knowledge to work to drive change. While a “one size fits all” approach may work for some, at Kyocera we are conscious that no two businesses are the same. To achieve a competitive advantage, businesses must be equipped with the tools to minimise their weaknesses and maximise their strengths. Tools that enable them to generate new and valuable knowledge. This is what motivates us to go above and beyond the status quo day after day.

At Kyocera Document Solutions, we believe that it is people that make organisations work. It’s why we put professionals at the heart of our innovation, to deliver the tools they need to turn information into knowledge, excel at learning, and surpass others. People working together in harmony with digital tools and information is a blueprint for success in the digital age. We are passionate about constant improvement, creating the framework for continuous learning within an organisation so that professionals can make more informed decisions in less time. The more we learn, the easier it is for us to identify the potential for further growth. The more we grow, the more confidence we have to say we can always do better. Smarter working also depends on the ability to share knowledge and information quickly and safely throughout organisations. To this end, trustworthy products and robust security are paramount.

At Kyocera, we believe that it’s people that make organisations work.”

Your trusted partner

Regardless of the task at hand, Kyocera always aims to do the right thing as a human being – it’s a philosophy that allows us to contribute to the advancement of humanity. By working with integrity, we always strive to ensure that we have a positive impact on the world around us. It is a daily effort and is never completed.

Another fundamental element of our partnerships with customers is insight. We believe the best way to deliver tailor-made solutions is to understand our clients. To get a full grasp of their goals and the challenges they face. We listen first and then use expertise and innovation to solve challenges and create new opportunities for exciting business growth. We deliver solutions that suit our customers with an unrivalled human touch – our team consistently goes the extra mile to provide a top-class service. This explains why Kyocera is so widely regarded as an easy company to do business with.

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Our mindset

As the world undergoes a period of unprecedented change and disruption, we remain optimistic – we believe in a brighter tomorrow. Key to this confidence is the tremendous potential we see in modern professionals and cutting-edge technology working together. We firmly believe in customer-centric innovation; it’s how we tackle today’s pains and uncover tomorrow’s opportunities. It’s also our way of empowering people, giving them the tools needed to fulfil their potential. 

Knowledge is at our heart and curiosity is key – we welcome questions, we ask them ourselves and when we receive them, we do our best to give meaningful and valuable answers. We believe that knowledge should be shared. Our expertise does not get in the way of our humility. As a partner, we are down-to-earth and open-minded. We always speak with honesty and respect. It’s why we are regarded as trusted partners to organisations of all sizes across all sectors.

Finally, excellence never stands still. At Kyocera, we proactively invest in technological development. The numerous awards and certifications received in recent times illustrate our pedigree in industry-leading innovation. 

These achievements drive us to aim even higher.

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