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How to create intelligent workflows with Kyocera Net Manager

Kyocera’s print management system helps lay the foundations for smarter working and cost savings.
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The demands on modern organisations are increasing by the day. Markets are more competitive, consumer demands are rapidly changing, and spiralling costs have become a key concern for business leaders. Some have opted to tighten their belts in a bid to weather the storm – others have decided to create intelligent workflows with Kyocera Net Manager, a tool that enables teams work smarter and embrace disruption. 

This was precisely the mindset of car manufacturing giant Toyota for its vehicle production base in Turkey, one of the largest manufacturing companies in the entire country.  

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey (hereafter “Toyota Turkey”) was determined to create a transparent, secure, and centralised documentation system, one that would complement its new fleet of multifunctional printing devices (MFPs). Looking for a way to boost productivity, enhance security, and in the long term, save money, Toyota Turkey decided that a print management solution was necessary – step forward Kyocera Net Manager (KNM).

Before we get into their transformation, let’s quickly reflect on a fundamental question.

What is Kyocera Net Manager?

Across all sectors, from education and healthcare to banking and logistics, the volume of information at our fingertips is increasing exponentially. Organisations are still juggling physical and digital documents, and the growing number of remote devices connecting to shared networks is posing new workflow headaches for business leaders. And that’s before we mention the legal responsibility to adhere to GDPR compliance and ensure data protection – there’s a lot to digest. 

With paper still a fundamental part of workflows for manufacturers, it’s little wonder so many are seeking help in the form of print management
systems. Toyota Turkey decided that Kyocera Net Manager was the best fit for their needs. 

In a nutshell, Kyocera Net Manager is a server-based web application that manages your printing devices and user policies to provide secure printing and copying and to provide an accounting of print-related expenses. It’s smarter working made simple. 

The benefits of Kyocera Net Manager

By simultaneously tackling multiple business pains, the benefits of Kyocera Net Manager extend way beyond print device management:

Enhanced security: Kyocera Net Manager can be set to use a two-step
authentication combination, such as an ID card and PIN, to ensure maximum protection for sensitive business information.

Cost control: With detailed statistics about all aspects of printing and printers, it’s simple to control print volumes and identify areas where, for example, excessive colour printing is occurring. 

Productivity: An intuitive solution, Kyocera Net Manager’s scanning, and workflow features help increase user efficiency while strengthening document workflow processes.

Personalisation options: With Kyocera New Manager, administrators can give permissions for different functions and applications per user based on the user’s requirements. 

Smooth workflows: Single-touch destination allows users to send scanned
documents and metadata to Folder, fax, email, DMS, or various cloud storage platforms. The elimination of repetitive tasks adds a new dimension of agility to workflows.

Sustainability made simple: With its Print & Follow function, you only print what you need. Reduced print waste is not only good for the environment, but it also helps control print costs in the long run.

Hybrid working: With Kyocera Mobile Print compatibility, Kyocera Net Manager facilitates printing on the go. Print with the same speed and efficiency whether you’re in the office or working remotely.

Efficient workflows

By integrating Kyocera Net Manager software with its new fleet of TASKalfa 3252ci and TASKalfa 4052ci MFP devices, Toyota Turkey was able to enjoy instantly streamlined workflows and secure printing. Moreover, by creating intelligent workflows with Kyocera Net Manager, the large volume of data on hand enabled the organisation to provide complete and transparent device status reports to Toyota Global. “In addition to providing cost savings, the documentation system provided also enabled our business processes to be more secure and reportable,” says Hakan Dinc, Senior Specialist. “With the ability to monitor the jobs done with the devices from all Toyota companies, we have provided great convenience in our business processes.”

Greater device visibility and control have also reduced the workload of the IT department, freeing up valuable time that can now be dedicated to adding new value elsewhere in the organisation. After the successful integration of its new fleet of Kyocera MFPs, complemented by Kyocera Net Manager, Toyota Turkey hasn’t looked back. 

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