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The role of content services in customer experience

Content services help business improve their customer experience and embrace digital transformation.
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It’s time for future-ready, people-centric businesses to embrace the role of content services in customer experience.

As customer needs continue to evolve, one-way businesses can stand out from the crowd and offer an improved experience is by harnessing the benefits of content services. 

With content services, businesses across a variety of sectors can offer their customers faster turnaround times, improved data security, and an error-free experience with automation. 

In an increasingly competitive business landscape, customer experience is vital. One scathing review that tells of a disorganised experience, or perhaps even of a data breach, can break a business. Content services’ unique benefits mean you can put your customers first and ensure they have an experience that keeps them coming back and speaking highly of your business.  

In addition, as digital transformation accelerates, content services provide a way for future-facing businesses to keep up with changing times and surge ahead of their competitors. While paper-based processes are still the backbone of numerous business operations, content services and enterprise content management (ECM) solutions provide a seamless way to integrate physical and digital workflows to bolster your data security and improve your efficiency. 

What are content services?

A content services platform is a way for businesses to regain control over their data. By digitising, capturing, and organising documents efficiently, content services ensure that professionals have access to everything they need, when they need it.

In addition, by getting an organisation’s unstructured data back in order, content services allow professionals to gain valuable insights from documents that were once scattered across the organisation.

Also known as enterprise content management (ECM) solutions, content services provide a stepping stone to digital transformation and a way for professionals to unlock more efficient processes.

For those working in customer-centric operations, the role of content services is fundamental due to the unique benefits they bring.

Improve turnaround times with efficient document management

If your business has thousands of documents dispersed across a variety of formats, such as paper files, employee computers, and a number of different cloud platforms, it will be near impossible to run smooth, ordered workflows. This, in turn, can lead to a disjointed customer experience consisting of delays, mistakes, and dissatisfaction.

By implementing a content services solution, you will be able to unify your documentation and know exactly where your information is at all times. In addition, professionals will be able to find documents stored in a digital repository with a quick search, as many content services index documents and make it easy to find them in a flash. 

ECM solutions also eliminate confusion surrounding the latest version of a file, as employees are able to collaborate on documents and work on the most recently updated file only.

This translates to situations in which customers request their information or the status of a process, such as a delivery, and one of your employees is able to find the information they need instantly. Gone are the days of leaving customers waiting too long for a response due to employees frantically searching for the information they need. 

With content services and ECM solutions, you’ll be able to offer an improved customer experience by providing your clients with exactly what they need, when they ask for it. 

Stronger data security

If you want to look after your customers, you need to look after their data. 

For many professionals, such as those who work in banking and property management, the volume of customer data they handle is very high. From financial information going back decades to addresses and contact details, all of this data must be protected to ensure a smooth customer experience free of a devastating data breach. 

Once you have digitised your documents, content services platforms store them in a secure, central repository. Where documents were once scattered across an organisation, stored in unlocked filing cabinets or perhaps even being transported to and from the office by hybrid employees, they are now stored securely and encrypted.  

With an ECM solution such Kyocera Cloud Information Manager, for example, you can even add unique permissions. This way, you can stay in control over who has access to each document, which adds an additional layer of data security and protects your customer’s documents even further. 

Automate your processes with content services

Another unique way in which content services improve customer experience is by making it possible for you to automate your business processes. 

Once you have used your new document management solution to digitise your content and organise it in a way that works for your business, you will be able to automate certain repetitive, cumbersome processes. 

Kyocera Enterprise Information Manager, for example, allows you to automate and structure your workflows. This leads to greater efficiency, as regular operations, such as recurring payments, are always completed on time. 

In addition, automation eliminates human error and ensures your valued customers aren’t suffering delays due to errors that could be avoided. Human error can also lead to data breaches, as one Global Risks Report by the World Economic Form found that 95% of data breaches were caused by human error.

By automating your processes with an ECM, you can ensure your customers receive a fast, problem-free experience that keeps them coming back. 

Use document management systems to prioritise your customers

For a business to succeed, it must put its customers first. If customers feel that they have had a hassle-free experience, free of worries about data protection and human error, they are more likely to come back. 

The role of content services in customer experience is significant. These solutions enable you to offer your customers the best experience possible and guarantee the longevity of your business.

At Kyocera, our own philosophy inspires us to put people first. If you’d like to do the same and find a new way to enhancer your customers’ experience, our content services can help. 

If you want to look after your customers, you must look after their data.”

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