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The perfect solution for real-time control of agreements and contracts

Kyocera Cloud Information Manager is the perfect tool for the hybrid working age.

Ill-equipped document management infrastructures are making life unbearably complicated for professionals that deal with contracts and agreements. 

It is estimated that the average Fortune 1000 company has an average of 40,000 active contracts on a given day. Forty thousand. 

Contracts, agreements, and other legal documents are the lifeblood of business, but they have spiralled out of control. In the blink of an eye, the world went from having everything stored neatly in alphabetical order in filing cabinets to unprecedented volumes of information in the cloud, email, pen drives, personal and shared networks, and in folders stacked under this morning’s newspaper. Complete chaos. It’s no wonder that so many organisations are feeling overwhelmed.

But this problem isn’t exclusive to mega corporations; it’s draining time and financial resources of small and medium-sized businesses across all sectors. The world of document management has become unnecessarily complex. Issues like not being able to find Contract X or not knowing which of the five documents is the latest version of Agreement Y may not seem like urgent issues, but the spin-off effects on all other parts of an organisation should not be underestimated.

These include:

Productivity: Without a mechanism that gives me easy access to the latest version of a contract, I may request changes that, have already been made. Poor visibility leads to work being duplicated.

Wasted time: If I must call a team meeting to get a status update on an agreement that I could have received automatically, I’m not only wasting my time but everyone else’s.

Frustration: It’s 11:30 am and the house owner from Elm Road will be signing the sale agreement in 30 minutes. My boss made a few final changes to the document, but she’s now on vacation. Where would she have saved it? It could be one of the 500 documents in our “Sale agreements 2022” shared drive folder, but the file names are almost identical. I hope she didn’t save it on her desktop. Or maybe she already printed it off and left it for me at the front desk?  It’s now 11:55 am. Finding a document shouldn’t be this hard.

Organisational risk: The absence of a robust information structure creates a lack of control. And a lack of control means increased risk. The chaos that ensues from having physical and digital documents stored in multiple locations can lead to contracts falling into the wrong hands. This is bad. Reputational damage is often irreparable. 

Luckily, all of these problems can be avoided with one simple solution: Kyocera Cloud Information Manager.

Your complete document management solution

Kyocera Cloud Information Manager (KCIM) is a cloud-based document management platform that facilitates the storage and management of all documents, both physical and digital, in a secure online archive. Accessible from your browser, KCIM allows you to upload documents via mobile, browser, and HyPAS. Its seamless integration into existing internet infrastructure means you can start regaining control over agreements and contracts right away without disruption to your workflows.

With KCIM, professionals in real estate, notaries, insurance companies, and other contract-heavy industries can add real-time comments to agreements and contracts for others to see without the need to edit the actual document itself. Moreover, KCIM’s Version Control functionality gives all users access to the current version of a document. It also stores all previous versions in the event a user would like to recycle an older version. Kyocera’s document management platform also allows teams to save specific keywords for each document. With this functionality, I could have found the Elm Road sale agreement instantly!

These innovative features create fluid workflows, increase transparency, and enhance collaboration. And not to mention the huge amount of valuable staff time saved. KCIM keeps confidential business data safe regardless of where work is being carried out, a major advantage in the hybrid working age where staff operate between the office, homes, and shared workspaces. 

Kyocera Cloud Information Manager simplifies the entire document management process. Business leaders have enough on their plate – with KCIM, they have one less thing to worry about. 

Ready to learn more about how Kyocera Cloud Information Manager can boost your business?

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