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Smarter workspaces require secure printing environments – find out how

A secure printing device paves the way in data protection, especially confidential documents

Hybrid and smarter workspaces has been an exceptional catalyst to different ways of communication, collaborating and processing the way we work through digital experiences. With technology moving at a rapid pace to accommodate various work locations and requirements, organisations have needed to reconsider data security from all aspects of business – whether centrally stored or within remote work locations.

We continue to experience a rise in the number of locations and devices connected to shared databases, providing a cyber-playground for hackers to tap into and create disastrous consequences when it comes to security breaches.

Tackling printer security as a number one priority

More and more credence has been given to securing printers within business IT environments, since they offer and easy opportunity for back door hackers to get into any organisation’s IT network.

In fact, IT and printed document security are being tackled more often with equal importance as unauthorised access to such data at any point of vulnerability will lead to significant damage to any business.

Every organisation has critical vulnerable points that need to be highlighted where data can be accessed from an email inbox right through to a multifunctional printing (MFP) device. Considering the rapid change to business environments since the escalation of hybrid and smarter workspaces, Kyocera has innovated an intelligent range of technological solutions to grow with an organisation’s increased security requirements.

Security fundamentals all at your fingertips

The number of remote devices connecting to shared networks is soaring and businesses are now facing an unprecedented wave of cybersecurity threats. To this end, Kyocera have developed the TASKalfa 7054ci/7004i series as a fundamental part of a robust security infrastructure.

Similar to its predecessor models, security has been a major focus in the development of these devices with new improvements such as TPM, RTIC, Secure Boot and standard encryption/data overwrite functionality. Furthermore, a number of features and functions have been added as standard, including Online Certificate Status Protocol, Automatic update certification, TLS 1.3, SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) support, Allowlisting, digital signature and S/MIME. These will collectively contribute to strengthening overall device security. At Kyocera we don’t rest on our laurels – we will continue to upgrade our products with the latest security technologies so that our customers’ information assets receive the very best protection as their businesses grow:

Data Privacy: Ensuring that all information assets handled by the MFP are not leaked
to a third party.

Data Integrity:  Integrity of all assets will not be compromised, or altered, ensuring the data is accurate and correct.

Information Accessibility: Accessibility to information should be immediately available while maintaining confidentiality and integrity.

Legitimacy: The owner and accuracy of the information assets can be validated.

Accountability: Ease of tracking when it comes to the user, manager operations and the MFP behaviour.

Non-repudiation: Prevent repudiation of operations that have not been performed by MFP users and managers.

Device Reliability: Ensuring that the behaviour and output of the MFP is correct and as expected.

 In the hybrid and smarter workspaces era organisations, the above points will help build a solid security foundation considering the sheer increase in devices, locations and access points brought about by the number of locations in which employees operate from. 

As organisations continue to discover novel ways of working together, the onslaught of cybersecurity threats follow close in its wake. By being proactive and investing in the right technology and solutions, businesses will be successfully navigate this period of disruption and focus on delivering greater value to their customers.


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