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How to get physical & digital documents working as one in hybrid age

KCIM is the perfect tool for implementing a standardised approach to multi-format documents.
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What if we said there was an easier way. A way to get the information you need when you need it. A way to get your teams working as one. 

Kyocera is aware of the challenges today’s businesses face when it comes to managing information. Digital transformation is accelerating, but paper documents – contracts, invoices, credit notes, and delivery notes – are still an important part of everyday business.

The when, where, and how people work are changing, but so too are customer habits. This is the world we find ourselves in. Change and disruption. Those who stand still are being left behind. Those who continue to use the same tools in an era of unprecedented data volumes are becoming overwhelmed. 

Regaining control over documents

The rapid shift towards hybrid working exposed the downsides of having one approach for digital information and another for physical information – it’s unsustainable. Inconsistencies create inefficiencies, and the domino effect of the slow availability of information is often felt by those who matter most: your customers. 

Real estate agencies, insurance brokers, logistics operators, and notaries are just some examples of entities that must juggle physical and digital information. The same old documents circulate within organisations in different formats and employees experience the same old frustrations. Some are printed and manually stored in on-site archives, others are scanned and saved in network folders. What if a 2022 contract is accidentally saved in a 2021 folder? And what about when someone working remotely needs an invoice that is stored in the office filing cabinet? 

According to a report from the marketing research firm Wakefield Research and data analysts Elastic, 58% of the 1,000 United States office professionals surveyed identified the quick search for files and documents as a “top-three problem.” Hybrid working could exacerbate this pain further. The need for businesses to adopt a standardised approach to documents and data has never been greater – a central repository capable of saving all business documents is no longer an option, it’s a business necessity.

“Centralising data management, particularly through the use of cloud technology, reduces waste and lowers costs considerably by improving communication and collaboration,” say Forbes. “Standardisation and a cohesive datasphere make it easier to capture, access, share and analyse data.”

It’s time to say goodbye to misplaced delivery notes and lost business. Kyocera happens to have the perfect digitisation solution.

Kyocera Cloud Information Manager

Kyocera Cloud Information Manager (KCIM) is a cloud platform that facilitates the storage and management of all documents in a secure online archive. Accessible from your browser, KCIM offers a wide variety of upload and storage options. The ability to upload documents via mobile, browser and compatible Kyocera devices make Kyocera’s SaaS platform the perfect tool for the hybrid working age.

Here are just some of the benefits:

Simple set up: Kyocera Cloud Information Manager fits seamlessly with your existing internet infrastructure so you can get digitising instantly without disruption to your workflows. Perfect for hybrid work, users enjoy instant access to the documents they need from any location.

Structured data: KCIM acts as the single point of reference for all business documents. Supporting up to 12 different document types, your team will always know where to find the information it needs. Moreover, easy search functionalities using pre-defined keywords means invoices, contracts and delivery notes can be retrieved quicker, ensuring greater fluidity between departments.

Streamlined processes: All digital documents are sent to the central repository without any human intervention. Automation eliminates repetitive work and reduces human error, freeing up staff to put their skills and experiences to better use.

All-inclusive: Planning your initial investment and future costs couldn’t be easier; the amount you pay is linked to the amount of documents you wish to upload to the cloud. What’s more, all infrastructure costs are included in the license fee.

Robust security: By creating specified access control, KCIM keeps confidential business data safe regardless of where staff are working from. It’s greater mobility with enhanced security.

“Digital transformation is how we future-proof a business,” say Deloitte. “Shifting legacy customer, business and operating models into a new reality - where agility is the norm, human experience is the focus, technology and data are the enablers, and exponential value is the outcome.”

In the hybrid working age, it’s easy for departments to feel more disconnected than ever. Each to their own. But with Kyocera Cloud Information Manager businesses can get the organisation back to working as one, while enjoying the many benefits that this outstanding solution has to offer.

For more information on how Kyocera Cloud Information Manager can support your company’s digitisation process, click on the link below.

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