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The importance of personalisation in production print

Reap the lucrative benefits of personalisation in production print with variable data printing.
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As modern consumers continue to expect tailored experiences, the importance of personalisation in production print is on the rise. With variable data printing, the ability to produce a high volume of vibrant, customised material has never been more accessible to marketing professionals. 

The benefits of personalisation include improving your brand image by including customers in your campaigns and targeting their interests, and increasing response rates and future profits. 

With 80% of consumers preferring to give their business to companies that send them personalised messages, marketeers who fail to partake in this movement will be left in the wake of those that do. By leveraging the power of production print and variable data printing software, marketers can expect to see unprecedented success in their campaigns.

What is variable data printing?

Variable data printing is a type of digital printing that allows production print providers to change text, graphics, and images in print jobs without interrupting or stopping active workflows.

For example, a marketing professional who needs to send materials to different leads can personalise the information inside to include the name of each person. In doing so, variable data printing allows them to add a more personal touch to their material without needing to carry out the cumbersome task of manually adding each client’s name. This saves them valuable time and streamlines the process of creating high volumes of personalised materials.

Even as investments into digital marketing strategies grow, print media remains an effective strategy for targeting key audiences. With variable data printing, marketing departments can combine these two techniques and reap the benefits of comprehensive, personalised campaigns. 

Improve brand awareness with personalised materials 

It’s simple – as human beings, we want to feel seen. When a customer spots their own name, or perhaps an image of one of their interests, on something addressed to them, they are more likely to feel like a brand understands them. 

Take Coca Cola’s incredibly successful “Share a Coke” campaign, for example. By mass-producing bottle labels with people’s names on them, Coca Cola invited consumers to be part of their fun, engaging marketing strategy and share content on social media. As a result, Coca Cola gained 25 million new Facebook followers in only a year, allowing them to acquire
new leads, prospects, and a wider audience for future lucrative campaigns. 

Not only did Coca Cola’s campaign draw the eye of consumers in shops as they excitedly searched for (and subsequently purchased) a bottle with their name on it, thus boosting their sales, it created a friendly, approachable brand identity and saw the company develop and strengthen relationships with their client base. 

Labels are one of the many uses of production printers, and one of the numerous weapons in a marketeer’s arsenal. Inkjet production printers, such as Kyocera’s TASKalfa Pro 15000c, utilise variable data printing software to allow professionals to produce high volumes of personalised materials in-house, facilitating the creation of affordable, customised assets that appeal to target audiences. With a digital inkjet press, the success of Coca Cola’s campaign is within reach for companies seeking to improve their brand awareness and drive sales with a personalised campaign. 

Add a personal touch to increase response rates

The more time a customer spends perusing your material, the more likely they are to engage with your message and make a purchase. In an age where we expect our attention to be grabbed in an instant, the clock is ticking from the very moment a lead begins to read something addressed to them. 

According to a 2023 survey carried out by McKinsey, the benefits of personalisation in marketing are highly lucrative. Not only can marketers increase their return on investment (ROI) from 10 to 30%, they can also boost their revenues by between 5% to 15%. Business leaders with one eye on the future can also drive benefits from using customised materials, as organisations involved in the survey who had the fastest growth rates owed 40% more of their revenue to personalisation than the organisations experiencing slower business growth. 

The numbers speak for themselves – personalised print marketing materials grab the reader’s attention and lead to improved ROI and revenue. For marketing agencies and professionals aiming to secure these benefits, Kyocera’s inkjet production printer is an affordable and highly productive option guaranteed to deliver results. 

Not only does our digital inkjet press produce vast quantities of personalised, complex materials at unmatched speeds, its versatility gives marketeers the flexibility to switch seamlessly between materials and operate beyond the limits of conventional toner engines. 

Write a new chapter in production printing

Making the leap into the production print space can be a daunting step to take. However, the advantages it brings by allowing you to personalise your marketing materials will strengthen your brand image and increase future profits. If you’re ready to explore the possibilities of inkjet production printing, Kyocera can help.

The clock is ticking from the very moment a lead begins to read.”

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