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Innovation at the heart of the Kyocera philosophy

Inspired by the mindset of our founder, Kyocera continues to champion the power of innovation.
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“From its start, Kyocera valued creativity. Rather than copying others, we competed with our own technologies” – Dr. Kazuo Inamori, Kyocera Founder.

What started as a small ceramics company in Kyoto is now a global organisation. There were testing times during the early days, but Kyocera remained true to one of the key pillars upon which it was founded: innovation. “Our strong sense of mission to achieve our goals made us strive to innovate daily and expand our technological expertise,” said Dr. Inamori. “The accumulation of such daily efforts led to impressive results.”

This commitment to continuous innovation is as strong today as it was in 1959. It shapes how we adapt to change. By combining the best people and technology we continue to lead the way in fine ceramics, solar power generating systems, medical and dental products, document solutions, and much more. Cutting-edge technology and a firm commitment to sustainability are at the heart of our contribution to the advancement of society. Innovation is how we give back to the world around us.

Why innovation matters

Innovation keeps us on our toes. We never stand still. Rather than reacting to change, we anticipate it through proactive creativity. When we reach great heights, the Kyocera Philosophy tells us to aim even higher. Our ECOSYS brand is proof of this. While the concepts of the office and office printers have evolved drastically since 1992, this range of A4 printers and MFP devices have been at the cutting edge of office technology since day one. This longevity has been possible because of innovation – new challenges and opportunities have inspired new ECOSYS models. This was particularly true during the sudden shift to remote and hybrid working models during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Organisations needed to equip staff with the tools to work with the same efficiency, quality, and security whether operating from the home or the office. Looking for compact printing devices that were both reliable and high quality, many business leaders turned to Kyocera’s ECOSYS printers. Reputations are earned over time, and it’s little wonder why ECOSYS printers and MFPs are among the most renowned devices in the printing market. What’s more, the ECOSYS range continues to be at the forefront of sustainability. Combining long-life parts and reduced energy consumption, businesses get devices that stand the test of time while keeping overheads to a minimum. With more and more professionals seeking to join companies with strong Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) values, it pays to be sustainable. For Kyocera, it’s about doing what’s right as a human being.

But that said, Kyocera’s innovation extends way beyond printing devices.

Innovation defines our past and inspires our future.”

Adapting to business change

We are in the middle of a period of unprecedented enterprise mobility. The tools that served the needs of businesses before 2020 weren’t necessarily fit for new challenges in productivity, security, and cost optimisation. Kyocera rose to the challenge by putting its expertise and technology at their disposal, proving itself to be a trusted partner when needed most. In the blink of an eye, many manual processes went paperless, and professionals had to share documents and information with colleagues spread across various work locations. With Kyocera, businesses had a total document solutions provider with a diverse portfolio of hardware devices and software solutions. Content management solutions such as Kyocera Cloud Information Manager (KCIM) had an instant impact on information management across all industries, from healthcare and education to manufacturing and logistics. Suddenly it was possible to get both physical and digital documents under control, not only enhancing productivity but also adding a new layer of organisation to important business data. With many professionals suddenly operating away from the office, there was no access to filing cabinets or folders. KCIM, however, has transformed the way organisations manage their data.

Previously, the processes and information of an organisation were centred around one fixed location. Now the opportunities for flexible working are endless. With user-friendly solutions, Kyocera customers can truly unlock their full potential by embracing a new era of enterprise mobility. They can work when and where they like with the same quality and efficiency with user-friendly content management solutions – with zero training required, it’s instant productivity growth from the get-go.

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Our dedication to innovation

When it comes to innovation at Kyocera, there is no finish line. “Kyocera’s history is a story of doing what no one else had dared to do, and of opening roads where no one had ventured before,” said Dr. Inamori. Innovation is quite simply how we survive and thrive during disruptive times. That commitment to continuous improvement is part of our DNA.

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