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Improve business efficiency with Kyocera’s document management system

Take back control of your data and turbo-charge your workflows with the intuitive KCIM.
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According to IDC, the volume of data created in the period 2022-2026 is expected to double. Thus, it is no surprise that many businesses are concerned about how they will effectively manage this colossal increase. And now, in our new, evolving hybrid working world, locating, and processing the growing number of documents that we generate is the single biggest challenge that many modern businesses face. 

The marketing research firm, Wakefield Research and data analysts Elastic, found that an astonishing 54% of U.S office professionals report wasting time searching for necessary files. It was their number one problem when contemplating the future of remote work. 

More document formats, more problems

Digitisation is transforming accounting and administrative processes, but paper documents – contracts, invoices, credit notes, and delivery notes – are still an important part of everyday business. Without a defined information infrastructure paper and digital documents will continue to exist in their own silo. This is bad for business.

Searching aimlessly in filing cabinets and digital archives for documents not only drains productivity, but also slows down business processes further down the line. It inhibits team collaboration. For example, the domino effect of failing to process key documents in a timely manner in an accounts department can negatively impact a business internally, as well as externally, with many stakeholders and businesses outside the local company network requiring important information.

Without an adequate strategy, these problems only get worse for administration and accounting departments as a business expands. But solving content chaos doesn’t require several complex and expensive solutions; all your business needs is the Kyocera Cloud Information Manager.

What is the Kyocera Cloud Information Manager?

Kyocera Cloud Information Manager (KCIM) is a modern document management software that enables organisations to digitise and store document files in one single secure archive on the cloud. Thanks to its easy document search and automation capabilities, KCIM greatly increases workplace efficiency, allowing workers to spend more time and energy on value-adding activities such as planning, strategy, and overall company growth. 

Find your files faster

Think about how much time you take each day to find essential files. Remember that every minute wasted trying to track down a piece of content is a minute that could have been used putting your expertise to use. 

On the other hand, KCIM provides a structured way to store and archive your documents in one place. But that’s not the only reason why it’s easier for users to find information. KCIM offers a one-click indexing feature that allows users to capture business-defined keywords on documents such as invoice number, customer name, and delivery dates. When searching for specific files in the future, these various keywords can be used as search criteria, drastically cutting down the time required to find business documents. Simplicity is key.

Streamline and speed up business processes 

In most organisations, employees continue to collaborate by uploading files through a file hosting service and then sending a link to colleagues via email to review their work. Team members may then download the file on their desktop to edit the document and leave comments or share their feedback through an instant messaging service. But what happens when feedback is required from more than one colleague or when you forget to cc a colleague in an important email? Even, with great organisational skills, it can become difficult to keep everybody on the same page. 

This is where KCIM comes in to give priceless consistency to your business processes. By facilitating the easy capture of specific data from both paper-based and digital documents, business-critical information is made available quickly for dependent business processes to continue. In this way, nobody needs to wait around for an email to begin and collaborate on tasks; the entire team can find the document they need in a couple of clicks and work together on one single document version. 

Furthermore, the solution enables the sharing of documents outside of the company network in the cloud, making collaboration with stakeholders who have restricted access to your network, much smoother. As long as you have a secure internet connection, you can access the information you need via your browser or mobile.

As Adobe Workfront discovered, 49% of employees are willing to leave their job if they are unhappy with workplace technology. Today’s fast-paced and digital world is not
about working harder, but smarter. And tools matter. Professionals no longer have the patience to carry out tedious and paper-heavy administrative tasks when modern document management solutions like KCIM can make life easier. Equally, the changing business landscape demands that we find a way to quickly locate, capture, share, and store information. Agility will define success in the hybrid working era. 

Time is money, and the Kyocera Cloud Information Manager is here to help you to maximise profits through greater business efficiency in the digital age. 

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