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How to achieve digital transformation in the healthcare industry

Now is time for the healthcare sector to be at the vanguard of innovation again and go digital.
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The healthcare industry has been at the vanguard of innovation for decades. Once again, it is time for decision-makers to lead the pack and go digital.

The world of work is undergoing a fundamental change, and the healthcare industry is no different. Unprecedented events have resulted in drastic and rapid shifts to how and where we work. Consequently, the demand for reliable technology has only grown. Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals lean on technology heavily; so, when institutions undergo a digital transformation, they must provide their workforces with tools that help them to overcome obstacles such as:


The governing bodies that regulate healthcare institutions have implemented new compliance rules, making it even tougher for professionals to be GDPR compliant. Therefore, healthcare workers are demanding a solution that can relieve the pressure of GDPR.


Doctors frequently handle valuable patient data. Thus, it is essential that information is stored in a secure location that protects the files from theft or loss.


Medical professionals want to be able to treat as many patients as possible; to do so, they must invest into the latest technology to digitise their business and get their documents under control. And there is only one way to achieve this – equipping your organisation with a reliable multifunction printer (MFP) and an intuitive document management platform.

Your roadmap to digitalisation

Firstly, although it may seem paradoxical, leaders should invest in a reliable MFP that can scan, print, copy and fax. It is essential that the device can undertake any action at speed; because, in the healthcare industry, time is of the essence. Moreover, when undertaking a digital transformation, it is salient to have a device that can securely scan files to a Cloud-based platform.

No matter how far institutions choose to advance digitally, paper will always play a prominent role in healthcare organisations; whether it is for printing prescriptions or forms, professionals need to have a device that can do this reliably. A dependable printer will help leaders cut costs and boost their team’s productivity.When institutions have a reliable printer in place, it is crucial that they implement a document management solution that can manage workflows, control when documents are outputted, and store them in a Cloud. Not only must it have all these functions, but the platforms must be easy-to-use. If not, professionals will be unable to get to grips with the task at hand.

Finally, healthcare institutions handle valuable documents; therefore, it is paramount that they find a partner that they can trust. It is counterproductive to rely on a supplier without a proven track record to store your documents securely in the Cloud and reliably print and scan important documents.

Kyocera is an institution that aims high, putting its clients first when innovating to provide them with outstanding solutions that stand the test of time. For decades, our cutting-edge hardware and software have been at the heart of leading healthcare organisations.

It is paramount that they find a partner that they can trust.

Which Kyocera solutions can help transform your institution?

Since 1992, Kyocera’s ECOSYS series has provided flexible and secure solutions to professionals across all industries. These compact devices are ideal for a variety of workspaces where workers can quickly print documents or scan files to the Cloud. Thanks to the Eco-Print mode, users can reduce toner, helping businesses save money.

To leverage the full power of these machines, users must pair them with a secure document solution that makes adhering to compliance a walk in the park. One such platform is MyQ, a managed print service that tightens document security and makes accessing files easier! The user authentication helps healthcare professionals comply with GDPR by only outputting documents after users have accessed the printer using their ID card, pin, or registered mobile device. Kyocera also designed MyQ with mobility in mind. We understand that doctors and nurses are always on the move, so thanks to the MyQ app, users can securely print from any location. Furthermore, when scanning, documents go directly to a Cloud-based system, storing files securely in a central location that can be accessed on-the go.

Institutions that partner with Kyocera are reaping the rewards when going digital. Thanks to Kyocera’s document solutions and printers, medical centres can become more secure, compliant, and productive, all while saving money. Digital transformation is achievable for all healthcare organisations. Once they go digital, a domino effect will ensue- tighter security and compliance will lift burdens from professionals meaning they can be more productive.

Optimise the way you work with ECM

Kyocera’s hand tips will provide you with all the information you need to know to choose the right solution for your business:

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  • Why an evolving business requires an ECM solution

    The digital era has highlighted the undeniable need for document management solutions.

  • What to ask your potential ECM solution partner

    Ask these five essential questions to find out if the ECM solution offered is the right one for you.

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