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How Kyocera helps businesses achieve digital transformation

Embark on your digital transformation journey with the help of Kyocera’s digital solutions.
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The digital age has dawned. Leaders seeking guidance during this exciting period of accelerated change can benefit from learning how Kyocera helps businesses achieve digital transformation.

Kyocera and innovation go hand in hand. Solutions such as our document management systems, cloud technology, and software to streamline processes have been designed to help organisations harness the benefits of digital transformation. 

New ways of working and evolving customer demands require a fresh approach. By turning to Kyocera, a trusted document solutions partner with decades of experience as a pioneer in customer-centric digital solutions, businesses can approach digital transformation with confidence.

What is digital transformation?

More than just a buzzword, digital transformation is a concept that propels organisations into the future and ensures their survival in a highly competitive business landscape. 

Digital transformation strategies encompass a wide range of practices. From digitising your business processes to adopting a brand-new IT infrastructure at your organisation, or minimising paper usage in document management workflows, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. 

While recognising the need to adopt digital solutions may be the first step,
successfully implementing a digital transformation roadmap is another challenge entirely. According to a Gartner study, only 35% of board directors who have begun this process consider they are on track to achieve their goals. 

Leaping into the new digital age requires a mindset that embraces change and is open to planning for the long term. Our pioneering spirit means we embody this mindset and see change as an opportunity to innovate solutions that allow businesses to work smarter. If business leaders are seeking guidance when embarking upon this journey, Kyocera is here to help. 

Accomplish digital transformation with a document management system

By implementing a document management system, your business can take its first steps in its digital transformation strategy by establishing efficient digital workflows. 

Paper documents remain an essential feature of numerous workflows, but more and more businesses are recognising the benefits of incorporating these files into digital workflows. In doing so, they can manage their information with ease throughout each document’s lifecycle. 

Kyocera’s document management software, such as Kyocera Cloud Information Manager, allows you to create clear, digital workflows that boost efficiency and overall productivity. Colleagues can also share digitised documents internally or with external contacts with ease, no matter where they are, thus opening the door to enterprise mobility and seamless international collaboration.

We also understand the frustration faced by professionals who can’t find the document they need, or those who struggle to figure out which version of a document is the most recent. With a central digital repository, our document management software means you can say goodbye to document chaos and time wasted frantically searching for a contract or file that needs to be sent within a tight deadline. 

It's simple – our solutions are designed to help you digitise your business
processes and follow a successful digital transformation roadmap. 

Unlock the benefits of digital transformation with Kyocera’s cloud software

Having incorporated digital workflows into your processes, the next way Kyocera can help your business achieve digital transformation is through our cloud storage platforms. 

Our cloud technology solutions provide your business with a smooth way to work with digitised documents in the long term. Not only does software such as Kyocera Cloud Information Manager label your documents with extracted keywords, it also provides a secure way to keep your business data away from prying eyes and hackers. 

In addition, Kyocera’s cloud software enables collaboration on important files. Gone are the days of employees needing to be physically present in the office to access their documents. All your team members need is an internet connection to access their files securely. 

Streamline your processes with Kyocera

Another way Kyocera supports businesses seeking to implement a digital transformation strategy is by streamlining your processes

With solutions such as enterprise content management (ECM), cumbersome, time-consuming tasks that often entail the risk of human error become far easier. Employees no longer need to send a vital document in the post or take it to a signatory themselves; they can share their digitised documents and make the process faster and smoother for everyone involved. 

Some solutions even allow you to automate your processes, which means your team no longer needs to spend valuable time completing repetitive tasks. One example of this would be with a contract that requires multiple signatures. Once you have stored it on the cloud, you can create notifications that let you know when it’s time to review, amend, and sign it, eliminating the possibility of missing a deadline with a stakeholder. 

Kyocera and digital transformation 

We innovate our digital solutions with our customers in mind. Not only do our solutions come equipped with our unique expertise in document management, cloud technology, and streamlined processes, but they are also tailored to you and your needs. We adapt alongside our customers as they grow, constantly seeking new ways to bring you success. If you’re ready to begin implementing your digital transformation strategy, Kyocera is here to help. 

“Leaping into the new digital age requires a mindset that embraces change.

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