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    Future-proof printing business with artificial intelligence

    Artificial intelligence offers several benefits for today’s businesses in terms of productivity.
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    We might hardly notice it, but Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly present in every corner of our lives. From social media algorithms, to autocorrect, programming a wash cycle, or even asking Alexa to play relaxing music. AI has very much enmeshed itself into our daily activities.

    Leftronic reports that AI usage has grown by approximately 270% in the past four years. The recent tech disruption across the globe has caused a major spike in demand for AI to help us cope with unpredictable circumstances and increased remote communication. In business, it is vital to keep up to date with AI’s ability to improve productivity and quality of output while reducing downtime and costs.

    Don’t get left behind! 


    Using AI to increase efficiency and lower costs

    Remote working is here to stay and employees across all sectors are seeking greater flexibility with regards to when, where and how they work. Nonetheless, with greater mobility comes greater security risks and businesses need help.

    Digital communication is riding a high and there is a burgeoning demand for secure and efficient digitalisation of documents and workflows. What’s more, print volumes have decreased drastically and companies have quickly realised the importance of keeping waste and costs to a minimum.

    These are just two of the common pains facing today’s enterprises and the need for a complete, robust solution that boosts mobility while enhancing security has never been greater. This is where Artificial Intelligence has come into its own. 

    AI-driven digital automation has allowed users to free up valuable time by eliminating repetitive tasks, such as data entry. Now a document can quickly be scanned, and the data extracted with little need for human intervention. This simple yet powerful tool reduces both turnaround time and human errors.

    The number of remote devices connecting to shared networks and databases continues to increase, thus increasing the risk of a costly data breach.


    Boosting output quality with AI and the new TASKalfa 3554ci 

    The ability to monitor print activity and verify network user access in a quicker and easier fashion has served to significantly bolster organisational data security.

    Furthermore, predictive maintenance and self-diagnosis means less waste and less printer downtime. This proactive approach ensures that the little things take care of themselves, leaving time for your workforce to focus on more important priorities. 

    1. Super Resolution 

    The super resolution feature enhances low resolution print data for clearer, more professional output. Pixelated images are smoothed to create more attractive and neater documents and visuals. This is ideal for those in marketing where there is major demand for high-quality productions such as brochures, fliers, and magazines. 

    With just the click of a button, you can greatly enhance image quality, saving time and energy spent manually increasing the quality of an image. The new technology takes information from images that already exist within an internal database and uses it to convert the image from low resolution to a higher resolution, creating slick, quality printouts in a fraction of the usual time. Ultimately this means increased productivity while improving the overall professionalism of the product.

    2. Enhanced User Experience and handwriting tool

    The handwriting tool presents major advances in the user experience, making it easier to enhance or highlight handwritten notes on the original document, or to remove them altogether. The implications of this include: time saved, reduced waste, and a greater capacity to share information. This will be especially useful in the education sector, where scanning documents, proofreading and note-taking are an inevitability for students and teachers alike. This feature will also create added value in logistics where written instructions on orders and invoices are still commonplace. Physical copies of documents can be shared, distributed, and written on, all while saving a substantial amount of time and printing expenses.


    The benefits of AI in printing

    AI’s growing influence is undeniable. It is part of the changing landscape of our professional lives and is in our benefit to work with this changing environment. As discussed, the advantages of AI are manifold: it provides greater uptime, lower costs and better security, while improving productivity and overall output quality.

    Business success in the digital era will be largely defined by AI capabilities. Those who get AI right stand to create a whole new value stream for their organisation. 

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