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Finding beyond-the-box value when buying a printer

Today’s organisations require reliable document solutions that promise beyond-the-box value.

For businesses across all sectors, digital tools that enable employees to work smarter, more securely, and with greater productivity are essential. In today’s climate of hybrid working models and evolving customer expectations, these tools must consistently deliver reliability, high-quality results, and a guaranteed beyond-the-box value. 

With 64% of organisations recognising the necessity to construct new digital businesses to stay afloat, companies need to invest in long-term, sustainable devices to measure up to industry competitors and adapt to an increasing demand for productivity and efficiency. 

The benefits of MFPs

If businesses are seeking to work smarter, versatile devices such as multifunction printers (hereafter “MFPs”) are an essential investment. These devices can perform the fundamental tasks that make up an office’s typical workflow; printing, scanning, copying, and emailing documents. In addition, MFPs are a powerful digital transformation tool, digitising paper documents for a seamless switch between the physical and the digital worlds.

MFPs deliver on their potential as they produce consistent, high-quality results while also being reliable and sustainable. The robust design of Kyocera’s range of devices, for example, means downtime and the maintenance that accompanies it is at a minimum, allowing your printer to operate year after year with minimal interruption. Their low running cost and reduced use of consumables mean you can spend less while also reducing your environmental footprint. 

Functionality aside, these devices also command additional features that
see their beyond-the-box value soar far above the initial purchasing price.

Mobile printing

Traditional working models are adapting to suit today’s hybrid-working environments, thus creating the need for workers to access their printers from a variety of locations.

A digital tool equipped with a mobile printing function will enable employees to connect wirelessly to local networks while on-the-go. They can then complete the same tasks as in a traditional office space, such as printing, scanning, and sharing documents with the same quality and efficiency, no matter where they are. This function will see your printing device exceed the limitations that tend to apply to many centralised devices.  

Cloud-based software solutions

Many businesses handle high volumes of data that are presented in both physical and digital form, meaning a cloud-based solution to manage these processes could be a simple step towards streamlining productivity.

Compatibility with cloud-based software is yet another additional feature your next printing device could bring to the table. Solutions such as Kyocera Cloud Information Manager can remove the headaches that come with document chaos and the ensuing inefficiency. By positioning documents in an organised, central repository where they can be found through extracted keywords, this cloud-based software will allow your business to digitise documents in a secure, hassle-free way.

In addition, this software supports the mobility of workers and an ever-changing hybrid working model, as business data is protected regardless of the location of your workforce.

Secure printers

While often overlooked, the security of your printing device is paramount to the health of your organisation. Documents containing sensitive information or confidential data must be protected when they are being shared between devices and locations.

The answer to this concern can be found in a partner with a proven pedigree in data security. Kyocera’s award-winning K-Level security allows businesses to fortify their defensive barriers against cybercriminals and protect the data stored on their devices. It’s this holistic approach that converts printing devices from a security burden to a tool that drives efficient workflows while also giving outstanding data protection. 

Digital tools for smarter working

If your organisation is seeking document solutions and digital tools that are reliable and deliver high-quality output, we can help. Our MFPs drive efficient and productive workflows while also bringing a wide range of additional features, such as security, mobile compatibility, and cloud-based software, that push their true value far above the initial purchase price. 

MFPs are a powerful digital transformation tool

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