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Artificial Intelligence ripe for the modern workplace

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) bridges the gap between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and orga
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Hybrid and smarter workspaces is an ongoing trend for modern day businesses to thrive and grow. Backed by AI, organisations can adopt more flexible and robust ways of working, and a case in point is by marrying traditional printing with this exciting technology.

Printing & AI: the real business benefit

Downtime prevention remains a topic of discussion when it comes to printing, and helping to ensure this topic is under cover, AI features as an ally to multifunctional printing (MFP) devices. Through the application of AI, intelligent MFPs are able to self-diagnose, feature predictive behaviour and proactively address potential challenges before they even happen, ensuring workflows function seamlessly.

This is just the tip of the benefit, since organisations are able to focus primarily on their customers by allocating more resources in terms of time, manpower and finances that are geared towards driving significant business value. Of course the management of unstructured data thanks to AI’s ability to classify and index without manual intervention extends to document management’s role and the benefit of digital transformation within any organisation.

Regardless to say, when organisation’s experience the tangible benefits of AI intertwined with printing technology, adopting devices such as Kyocera’s latest innovative range of TASKalfa 7054ci/7004i devices paves the way for ongoing business growth. We briefly eluded to a few of these advantages, so let’s dig deeper and unpack what AI offers in these new printers:

AI boosting output quality 

Organisational data is significantly bolstered with AI’s ability to monitor print activity and verify network user access. Users also benefit from less printer downtime as a result of predictive maintenance and self-diagnosis. This proactive approach ensures that the little things take care of themselves, leaving time for your workforce to focus on priority matters.

1. Super Resolution

Exceptionally beneficial for departments needing a more professional document output, this super resolution feature enhances low resolution print data for crisp quality prints. Pixelated images are smoothed to create more attractive and neater documents and visuals, making it ideal for those in marketing where there is major demand for high-quality productions such as brochures, fliers, and magazines.

The new technology takes information from images that already exist within an internal database and uses it to convert the image from low resolution to a higher resolution, creating slick, quality printouts in a fraction of the usual time.

2.  Superior User Experience and handwriting tool

The handwriting tool presents major advances in the user experience, making it easier to enhance or highlight handwritten notes on the original document, or to remove them altogether. For the education sector, this is exceptionally relevant considering the time saved and a greater capacity to share information document scanning, proofreading and note-taking which are an inevitability for both students and teachers alike. This feature also creates added value in logistics where written instructions on orders and invoices are still commonplace. Physical copies of documents can be shared, distributed, and written on, all while saving a substantial amount of time and printing expenses.

Analyse customer printing behaviour 

Business success in the digital era will be largely defined by AI capabilities. Those who get AI right stand to create a whole new value stream for their organisation. Since AI collects real-time data and is able to analyse customer printing behaviour, this not only helps generate recommendations with regards to optimising printing fleets, but it also provides key insights on how to reduce costs while creating upselling opportunities. Such endeavors help organisations position themselves in the eyes of the customer as a true value-added partner.

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