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Security Vulnerability in Our MFPs


By using SOAP-based Enhanced WSD protocol there is a possibility that the device will respond without user authentication and enable data acquisition of the registered address book despite prior settings to require user authentication.

In order to address this issue please visit Kyocera Document Solutions Inc. website and view steps here.

The list of the products affected:

TASKalfa Pro 15000c/ TASKalfa 7054ci/ TASKalfa 6054ci/ TASKalfa 5054ci/ TASKalfa 4054ci/ CS 7054ci/ CS 6054ci/ CS 5054ci/ CS 4054ci/ TASKalfa 3554ci/TASKalfa 2554ci/ CS 3552ci/ CS 2554ci/ TASKalfa 6052ci/ TASKalfa 5052ci/ TASKalfa 4052ci/ CS 6052ci/ CS 5052ci/ CS 4052ci/ TASKalfa 3552ci/ TASKalfa 3252ci/ TASKalfa 2552ci/ CS 3552ci/ CS 3252ci/ CS 2552ci/ TASKalfa 8052ci/TASKalfa 7052ci/ CS 8052ci/ CS 7052ci/ TASKalfa 8002i/ TASKalfa 7002i/ CS 8002i/ CS 7002i/ TASKalfa 9002i/ CS 9002i/ TASKalfa 4012i/ TASKalfa 3212i/ CS 4012i/ CS 3212i/ ECOSYS M6635cidn/ ECOSYS M6235cidn/ ECOSYS M6630cidn/ ECOSYS M6230cidn/ TASKalfa 351ci/ TASKalfa 352ci/ ECOSYS M3660idn/ ECOSYS M3655idn/ ECOSYS M3645idn/ ECOSYS M3145idn/ ECOSYS M3645dn/ ECOSYS M3145dn/ ECOSYS M3860idn/ ECOSYS M3860idnf/ ECOSYS MA2100cwfx/ ECOSYS MA2100cfx/ ECOSYS MA2100cx/ ECOSYS PA2100cwx/ ECOSYS PA2100cx/ ECOSYS M5521cdw/ ECOSYS M5521cdw/ ECOSYS M5526cdn/ ECOSYS M5526cdw/ ECOSYS M5525cdn/ECOSYS M5520cdw/ ECOSYS M5520cdn/ ECOSYS M5021cdn/ ECOSYS M2135dn/ ECOSYS M2635dn/ECOSYS M2635dw/ ECOSYS M2735dw/ ECOSYS M2040dn/ ECOSYS M2540dn/ECOSYS M2540dw/ ECOSYS M2640idw/ ECOSYS M2235dn/ ECOSYS M2735dn/ECOSYS M2835dw/ TASKalfa 6053ci/ TASKalfa 5053ci/ TASKalfa 4053ci/ CS 6053ci/CS 5053ci/ CS 4053ci/ TASKalfa 3553ci/ TASKalfa 3253ci/ TASKalfa 2553ci/ CS3553ci/ CS 3253ci/ CS 2553ci/ TASKalfa 8353ci/ TASKalfa 7353ci/ TASKalfa9003i/ TASKalfa 8003i/ TASKalfa 7003i/ TASKalfa 308ci/ CS 308ci/ TASKalfa
MZ4000i/ TASKalfa MZ3200i/ CS MZ4000i/ CS MZ3200i/ TASKalfa 408ci/ TASKalfa 358ci/TASKalfa 508ci/ CS 408ci/ CS 358ci/ CS 508ci/ ECOSYS M4132idn/ ECOSYS
M4125idn/ TASKalfa 2510i/ TASKalfa 2520i/ ECOSYS M8130cidn/ ECOSYS M8124cidn/
TASKalfa 2460ci/ TASKalfa 2470ci/ ECOSYS M4226idn/ ECOSYS M4230idn/ ECOSYS
M8228cidn/ ECOSYS M8224cidn/ TASKalfa 4020i/ TASKalfa 3060ci/ TASKalfa 307ci/
CS 307ci/ TASKalfa 406ci/TASKalfa 356ci/ TASKalfa 306ci/TASKalfa7004i/ TASKalfa 6004i/ TASKalfa 5004i/ TASKalfa 4004i/ CS 7004i/ CS 6004i/ CS5004i/ CS 4004i/ TASKalfa 6002i/ TASKalfa 5002i/ TASKalfa 4002i/ CS 6002i/ CS 5002i/ CS 4002i/ TASKalfa 6003i/ TASKalfa 5003i/ TASKalfa 4003i/ CS 6003i/ CS 5003i/ CS 4003i

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