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Kyocera sets the standard for content service platforms with the launch of Kyocera Enterprise Information Manager


Schiphol-Rijk, The Netherlands – 01 March 2022 – Kyocera continues its ECM innovation drive with a new content service platform that securely locates, processes, stores, and shares information in a flash.

The new age of work has posed new challenges and headaches for business leaders across all sectors. Long-held beliefs about the fundamental concept of the workplace have been challenged, and the when and where of work continue to evolve at an accelerated pace.

Many organisations found themselves facing significant obstacles when it came to their information; they were neither entirely physical nor digital, instead using a makeshift hybrid approach to keep their head above water. To this end, Kyocera has combined its vast industry expertise in document solutions with leading technologies to launch its brand-new content service platform (CSP), Kyocera Enterprise Information Manager (KEIM), a ready-made solution to get multi-format information under control, converting data from a burden into an organisational strength.

The easy-to-use yet tremendously powerful content service platform is the perfect fit for businesses looking to accelerate their digital transformation, helping them to give a defined shape and order to their information while, at the same time, laying the foundations for flexible working to flourish. Kyocera Enterprise Information Manager can be seamlessly installed on-premises or into hybrid working architecture and is compatible with all major Cloud platforms (Azure, GCP, AWS). Moreover, this CSP can manage all types of information – documents, video, pictures, and raw data – and is accessible via PC, laptop, tablets, and mobile devices.

KEIM comes with ready-made best practice templates for professionals in areas such as accounts payable and human resources (HR) and offers other key features such as sophisticated full text search, word tagging, and the ability to cross check with other databases within an organisation. Furthermore, KEIM’s intuitive user-interface eliminates any unnecessary stress.

“Having to juggle the physical (face-to-face interactions and paper documents) and digital (online meetings and digital data) has left many businesses feeling overwhelmed. Kyocera Enterprise Information Manager has been designed to get these two worlds working in harmony,” says Daniel Kwiatkowski, Business Development Manager at KYOCERA Document Solutions Europe B.V.

Physical documents continue to weigh down companies. They drain precious financial resources and occupy valuable physical space, and the very nature of stacks of paper makes efficient working much more difficult than if they were processed and stored digitally.

“KEIM marks the next step in Kyocera’s strategy in enterprise content management (ECM). The ability to quickly and securely find, process, and share information with colleagues across a variety of locations is absolutely vital in this new era of work. KEIM is the comprehensive solution that is ready to inject new flexibility into workflows while enhancing overall data security,” says Kwiatkowski.

In the midst of huge technological disruption, Kyocera has opted for functionality over complexity. KEIM’s Google-like search option allows the rapid retrieval of information. Its roll-based approach to security ensures users handle all information in line with the latest compliance requirements. Lastly, KEIM offers blended storage options for those companies who need to have certain documents, such as legal contracts, in physical form to-hand.

“The beauty of Kyocera Enterprise Information Manager lies in its versatility. It is a tool that has been designed to adapt to changing needs, face new challenges, and grow alongside your business. The sky is the limit,” concludes Kwiatkowski.

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