User does not get access to MFP / printer

User does not get access to MFP / printer

It may happen, that users cannot print or scan or that copies are not made.

Partially no access

Partially no access to an MFP system or printer can have different reasons, the easiest possibility could be:
The user prints, copies or scans on a system, that doesn’t fit hardware requirements, i.e. color on a BW-system, duplex or booklet printing / copying on an MFP / printer, that doesn’t have the required hardware ( Booklet Finisher or Duplex Unit not existent ).
Furthermore it is possible, that the user doesn’t have enough rights for the function he wants to perform, i.e. color not allowed but colored print job or scan, paper size limited ( just A4, no A3).
Assigned limit exceeded. Here it is important to check the rights on the KYOcontrol server.
This can be done, as described before, by the function „Online Logging“. The user holds his card or transponder to the cardreader and communication will be recorded.
If „User logged in error 10049 not enough rights error color“, appears, this is an indicator, that the user is not allowed to print, copy or scan in color.
Other authorisation failures have different error numbers, but mostly, like in the example above, you get a message in plain text.
Now you can decide, whether to grant or to refuse the required rights.

Generally no access

If this appears, you have to check, if there is a connection to the KYOcontrol server for this MFP / printer. Status in KYOcontrol: green. If it is red or yellow, you have to check network connection or firmware version of the cardreader.
If the status in KYOcontrol is green and the cardreader, too, it could be possible, that the wrong ID track is used to log in at the MFP / printer. This can be checked, as described before, via „Online Logging“. If you only find in log: CARD IN / CARD OUT, at the cardreader green / red / green device locked, the wrong ID track was read or the user isn’t created yet.
On MFP systems with a PS-19 or external box you have to make sure, that the internal networks card of the MFP systems uses DHCP, because the PS-19 or external box work as NAT router, otherwise an access would be impossible.

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