Scan to FTP with FS-1118MFP (general)

The Installation of Internet-Information service and FTP services:

Because FTP is based on the Microsoft Internet-Information service ( IIS), IIS and the FTP-service have to be installed on the computer. Follow the described steps to install the IIS and FTP Services.

Note: In the Microsoft Server 2003 Product family, the FTP-service is not automatically installed with the IIS service. If IIS is already installed then it is necessary to install the FTP service in the normal way, through “Programs/Settings/Control Panel/Add and Remove Programs”.

  1. Click on Start, then Settings, then in the control panel double click on “Add and Remove programs”
  2. Click on „Add or Remove Windows Components“.
  3. In the Windows Component list choose, Application Server / Internet Information Services (IIS) in the list, (don’t activate any boxes), click on Details.
  4. Activate the following boxes if they’re not already checked:
  • Common Files
  • FTP Service (File Transfer Protocol)
  • Internet Information Service Manager

5. Activate other components that you wish to install. When you’re finished then click on OK.
6. Click on continue. 
7.  Insert the Windows Server 2003-CD in the CD or DVD drive of your computer. Follow the install instructions and finish by clicking on OK.
8. Click on Finish to end the installation.
IIS and the FTP-Service are now installed. The service has to be configured before you use it.

Take the following steps to configure the FTP Service, so as to allow anonymous connections:

  1. Start the Administrator Tools/Internet Information Services Manager or open the IIS-Snap-In.
  2. Expand - Server name, where as Server name is the name of the actual server.
  3. Expand -FTP-Sites.
  4. Click with the right mouse button on „Default FTP Site“, then on properties.
  5. Click on the tab „Directory Security“.
  6. Click on “Edit” for “access control” then activate the box „enable anonymous connection”. When you activate only the “enable anonymous connection” then it’s not possible for users to logon with a user name and password.
  7. Click on the Tab „Root Directory“.
  8. Activate the boxs „ Read“ and “Log visits„ and deactivate the box „Write“.
  9. Click on OK.
  10. Close the Internet Information Services Manager or close the IIS-Snap-In.


Now your FTP-Server is configured for FTP requests. Copy or move the files you wish to make accessible, to the FTP-Publishing folder on your PC. The standard folder is Drive:\Inetpub\Ftproot, where Drive is the drive where IIs is installed.
When only the IP Address or Hostname has been entered in the command center of the FS-1118MFP, and no path to the folder has been filled in, then the scans will land in Drive:\Inetpub\FTProot.
If you wish to scan to a subdirectory then the subdirectory has to be made in FTProot and the name of the subdirectory has to entered in the command center of the FS-1118MFP in FTP/Path.

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