SAP error message: Cannot find PDL type for output device XXXX. (FPRUNX 113)

SAP Note 1066060 - Printing ADS documents with KYOCERA printers


You have defined output devices in the SAP system with a PRESCRIBE device type (for example, KYOFS170) or with SAPWIN. The printers that are called by these device types can output PCL data or PostScript data. However, when trying to create ADS spool requests for these device types, the system issues the following error message:
      Cannot find PDL type for output device XXXX. (FPRUNX 113)

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Cause and Prerequisites
In the standard system, printing ADS documents is supported only for device types that create data of type PCL, POSTSCRIPT or PDF.


      1. Implement the ABAP corrections that are mentioned in this note and apply the release-specific
          kernel patch.
          Release 640: Patch 189
          Release 700: Patch 116
          Release 710: Patch 51

      2. Use report RSPO0022 to copy an existing entry for the new entry you require, for example,
          HPLJ4 for KYOFS170.

      3. If you use a SAPWIN device type, use report RSTXSCRP to import the device types that are
          contained in the attachment of this note into your system. Note that this overwrites the SAPWIN
          device types that already exist in your system. If you have modified the original device types, you
          must first copy them into the customer namespace.

Note that SAP does not guarantee that the printout will look the way you expect. These settings only enable you to select a printer that is able to process the file you created. If you have problems, contact the printer manufacturer to receive a special XDC file for the printer if necessary.

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