Name Description
Printing System Type X
MD-16 RAM Expansion: 16 MB (100 pin SDRAM DIMM)
MD-32 RAM Expansion: 32 MB (100 pin SDRAM DIMM)
MD-64 RAM Expansion: 64 MB (100 pin SDRAM DIMM)
MD-128 RAM Expansion: 128 MB (100 pin SDRAM DIMM)
Platen Cover Type D
CB-410 Wooden cabinet (high)
CB-415 Wooden cabinet (low)
CB-411 High metal cabinet
CB-416 Low metal cabinet

Paper Handling Options

Name Type Dimension Paper Max. capacity
DP-410 (A) Duplex Paper Feeder   45-160 g/m², A3-A5R, Folio, Ledger-Statement-R 500 sheets
PF-410 A Paper feeder   64-105g/m², A3-A5R, Folio, Ledger-Statement-R 300 sheets (max. 3 PF-410 can be added to the basis-system)
DU-410 Duplex unit   60-80 g/m², A3-A5R, Folio, Ledger-Statement-R 300 sheets A4


Name Description
TK-410 Microfine toner for 15,000 pages at 6% A4 coverage. Capacity of starter toner is 3,000 pages at 6% A4 coverage.

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Savings calculator

How many pages do you print weekly?

By printing in duplex (double sided) you can save up to:
  • sheets of paper per year
  • reams per year*
  • € per week**
  • € per year**
  • trees per year***
    *Quantity of paper being 500 sheets
    **Average cost for one ream of uncoated virgin A4 printing paper is 4 €
    ***24 trees can produce a ton of uncoated virgin paper.

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