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KYOCERA Net Viewer is KYOCERA’s network device management software for small and medium sized businesses. Offering counter readings, status feedback, remote device configuration, accounting and alerts of network devices at one central administration point, it is powerful yet easy to use.

KYOCERA Net Viewer offers host management, including installation and upgrading for KX Driver and mini drivers, HyPAS application deployment, as well as other features and enhancements.

Advantages with KYOCERA Net Viewer

  • Automated discovery of network devices
  • Comprehensive display of device information (settings, counters, users, address book, logs, etc.)
  • Remote configuration of device settings and properties
  • Integrated device and accounting management
  • Firmware upgrades for single and multiple devices
  • Device status notifications (e.g. paper jam, low toner) via e-mail
  • Customizable views for device groups and according to dynamic criteria (e.g. all devices with low toner)
  • Map display with user defined background
  • Export of device information and counter data for analysis
  • Device management and accounting within one easy to use interface
  • Multi set: Simultaneous configuration of single and multiple devices
  • Default views & custom views
  • Easy to use interface

NEW Product Features

  • Support of up to 300 devices – For supporting bigger device fleets the number of supported devices has been increased from 100 to 300 devices
  • Restarting multiple devices – Easy restart of devices in a bulk for more efficiency
  • License Key Mapping – License keys imported as .CSV file can be mapped if the format is incorrect
  • Device Properties Reports – Create reports on device fleet pre-filter via My Views
  • Audit log – Security enhancements by tracking the application and authentication options
  • Proxy Settings – Users can select proxy server settings for communication with devices on remote networks
  • FAX driver support – FAX drivers can be installed, upgraded, and uninstalled
  • Windows 10 support


Professional Network Device Management
KYOCERA Net Viewer provides all the functionality for network device management in an easy to use interface.

 Download the latest release

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For more information please contact your local KYOCERA office.

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