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Mobile Printing Made Easy with Google Cloud PrintTM support

Printing from smart phones and tablets is becoming a requirement for more users every day, especially in key target markets for KYOCERA such as the education or public sector which need a more flexible printing approach without print servers. Google Cloud Print is a service by Google Inc. that allows users to print from their smart phone, tablet, personal computers or any other web-connected device, to any cloud-connected printer without installing specific printer drivers on their devices.

Please check Google Cloud Print  compatibility of your KYOCERA device

Google Cloud Print User Guide     How to Use Google Clout Print

Your Advantages using Google Cloud PrintTM

  • No need to install any app on the mobile device in order to print
  • Print on-the-go in mobile environments
  • Provides anytime, anywhere access to documents and information
  • Requires no IT intervention
  • Print on the go from your smartphone or computer using Google Cloud Print enabled apps.



*Google Cloud Print is a trademark of Google Inc.

*In order to use Google Cloud Print service, you need to acquire Google account and register your printer with Google Cloud Print in advance.

*Printer firmware update may be required for Google Cloud Print support. Please contact your dealer or local KYOCERA Document Solutions sales company.

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For more information please contact the local KYOCERA office.

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