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Gain control of your organisation’s printers, copiers, and scanners – reducing paper and toner consumption by 50%, eliminating copier and printer queues, and transforming the way you deliver content.

Over 65% of printed documents end up in the trash, but with pull-printing you can eliminate jobs “accidentally” sent to the wrong device or abandoned in the print tray. When you print, the job goes to a centralised server and stays there until you securely authenticate yourself and release it at a device on the network via an ID card, PIN, or mobile device.  

KYOCERA’s embedded, server-based solution powered by OEM supplier MyQ, can help you gain control of your managed print services and secure your printers' output: 

  • Providing a single point of administration and reporting for managing rule-based print policies
  • Securing your data with encrypted communication and storage
  • Offering a highly customisable and intuitive interface for each user on the terminal
  • Offering compatibility with KYOCERA and non-KYOCERA devices (except Canon and Konica Minolta)
  • As well as integration with advanced scan-to-email, network folders, and cloud storage platforms.         
PinPoint Scan Process


  • The theft of confidential data could potentially harm my business – How can I make sure no unauthorised persons can access my data?
  • Finding the correct settings for scanning & faxing is time-consuming  and difficult – How can I make these processes faster and easier?
  • It is hard to track all printing related costs – How can I monitor them to save money and improve my company's sustainability impact?


  • Authentication: Printing, copying and scanning starts only after the user has logged in at a selected device, using different authentication methods according to your security requirements.
  • Secure & Easy Scan offers fast one-click operations that are easy to use and save.
  • Accounting: Users can track their printing volumes and managers can better control and reduce printing costs. The tracking of prints alone can help decrease the number of printed pages.


This server-based application, with embedded Print&FollowTM function is designed to protect your confidential data, manage the overall document output and reduce printing costs. 

  • Document Security: Log in with your ID card, PIN, or mobile device and “pull” your job from the server
  • Convenience: Every copier, scanner, and printer on your network becomes available to every user. No more queues!
  • Customisable: Embedded terminals have easy-to-use functions personalized to your needs
  • Data Security: All data that travels across your print network is encrypted from end-to-end
  • Process automation: Go paperless with options such as scan-to-email, network folders, and cloud-based platforms
  • Easy-to-use: Web Interface for administrators to set up automatic alerts, installation, and configuration


  • Multi-brand compatibility - Developed for KYOCERA and multi-brand devices
  • Unlimited users - Licensing based on the number of devices
  • Authentication options - Supports PIN, contact chip, cards over 60 RFID technologies
  • Operating system requirements - Works with Windows (2008+), DOS, Linux, AS400, SAP, UNIX and others



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For more information, please contact your local KYOCERA office.

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BLI Report 2013

★★★★★ Value

★★★★★ Security

★★★★★ Ease of Use

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