Access Manager

The serverless HyPAS Application for Access Control

In many organizations, MFP devices are located in hallways or other open spaces, to offer staff and visitors the option to copy, send faxes or scan. The downside of this scenario: any passerby could make A3 colour copies without limitations, causing the company high costs. Or what about the security aspect if the device is not protected against unauthorized access?

Access Manager enables you to safeguard your devices against unauthorized access. Define usage rights for each user including guests: Who should be allowed to copy in colour or in black and white only? Who should be able to scan or fax? Each user can login with user name and password or company ID card – and unauthorized users are effectively locked out.

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Business Challenges

  • Our MFP devices are located in hallways open to visitors – How can I protect them against unauthorized usage?
  • We have a high copy volume and related high costs, especially from colour copies – Is there a way to reduce these costs?
  • We do not have many IT resources to manage complex document solutions – Is there a solution for small businesses?

Your advantages with Access Manager

  • Protected Access: Only authorized users are able to access the device or selected functions.
  • Reduced Costs: Eliminate costs caused by unauthorized device access and limit access to the copy or colour copy function to users who need it.
  • No server: The application does not need an extra server and uses the Active Directory for user information, minimizing maintenance effort for IT.

Features & Specifications

Access Manager can be installed on a KYOCERA MFP with HyPAS technology in order to protect the device from unauthorized usage. The MFP screen will be blocked by a login screen, and the device cannot be used without authentication. The user logs into the device with his Active Directory credentials (user name and password) or by swiping his ID card. Depending on the rights set within the Active Directory, the user is able to use the device. For example, some users will have unlimited usage rights, and others can be restricted to use certain functions, for example the colour copy or fax function. In order to enable guest users limited access to the device, a special guest account can be set up. These simple measures effectively increase security and help reduce unnecessary output costs, all with minimum IT involvement.

  • Serverless design – Embedded application, no additional server hardware or maintenance needed.
  • Easy login – Type your user name and password or just swipe your ID Card.
  • Security – Authentication against Active Directory ensures that your devices can be used only by authorised people.
  • Rights Management – Define by user who is allowed to copy in colour or black and white, to fax or to scan.
  • High Flexibility - Define access rights for groups (e.g. visitors, students, clients) to make sure they can use the devices as intended.
  • Ideal for small businesses – Enhance security and reduce costs by managing access and usage rights.
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For more information, please contact your local KYOCERA office.

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System Requirements

HyPAS-enabled/capable KYOCERA MFP*

Please refer to the list of Compatible Devices below

Supported Devices

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