CSR Activities

For the KYOCERA Document Solutions Group, CSR is nothing more than putting the KYOCERA Philosophy into action. We believe that CSR is to continuing providing better products and services that adequately respond to the needs and demands of society and to continue pursuing transparent corporate management with a strong sense of ethics, so that we can remain a company trusted by all stakeholders.

Conceptual Diagram of CSR Activities


CSR Committee

CSR Promotion System

The KYOCERA Document Solutions Group established the CSR Committee as a consultative and decision-making body, to develop and implement Group-wide policies and strategies for addressing applicable regulations.


CSR Report

CSR, Economic, Social and Environment Report Meeting

KYOCERA publishes an annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report to disclose its environmental protection and social contribution activities. Since 2004, KYOCERA has hosted CSR, Economic, Social and Environmental Report Meetings in Japan to promote community dialogue. These sessions include reports on the business, social and environmental activities of the KYOCERA Group, facility tours and open discussion. In addition, KYOCERA Group employees visit elementary schools throughout Japan and China to teach the importance of environmental protection through solar cell demonstrations and related experiments.

CSR Action Plan

We have developed the CSR Action Plan by integrating corporate governance and social contribution themes in the Environmental Action Plan. From April 2010, we will promote CSR activities under the CSR Action Plan.


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